View Full Version : Recommend a good dog groomer and pet sitter. Dublin

17th June 2012, 06:16 PM
Hi all

I am looking for some recommendations for a good dog groomer on the North Side of Dublin. I have heard so many horror stories of dogs coming back from groomers with cuts on their skin. My little Lady is a rescue dog and she has been through enough horror in her life already that I dont want to place her in the hands of someone who is going to mistreat her. I also don't like the idea of dogs been placed in cages at groomers , I know I am probably sounding very fussy but Lady is only beginning to trust again and I dont want that shattered .
Also can anyone give me some advice as to what to do with Lady when I go on holidays, again i dont want to put her in a kennel, she wouldnt survive it. All advice greatly received