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Brian M
25th June 2012, 09:54 PM

Daisy had a full MRI scan in August last year ,is there any benefit to her having another one if so what pls .
Ulrike tonight put her on Gabapentin 2 x 100 mg ,is it better to have her on 3 x 100mg if so why pls .

Thank You


25th June 2012, 11:04 PM
That is a great question, one I cannot answer but......If Daisy had a full scan last year, what would be the benefit of having annual scans? I understand the condition will progress or does SM/CM? Why couldn't you and your vet specialist just treat as you go? I'm guessing every dog is different and responds differently to the same drugs just like people. Hmmm I hope someone who know answers this cause now I wanna know..............I can only prey and watch out of these health issues as of now but I hope I never have to deal with this.

Whatever is "wrong" with Daisy she doesn't seem to show it from your pictures or videos. I guess you haven't sat her down for a heart to heart talk yet :rolleyes: HAHA Bless them dogs have such a wonderful spirit to carry on.


26th June 2012, 12:10 AM
I ask myself the same question about re scanning. Clare mentioned something about rescanning 1 year after. I have made the decision not too as at the moment they are fine on the medication they take and I see no sense in putting them through another GA. I only talked to my vet about it last week and he agrees with me. I know SM is progressive and nobody knows exactly how fast and every dog is also different. I don’t think I ever go down the operation option so no need for another scan at the moment.

I think you just have to see how Daisy will get on with the dosage. Ebony is on 3x100mg Gabapentin a day and if the weather changes (that’s when she has bad days) I give her either an extra Gabapentin or Previcox.

Melissa - You would never know my two have SM. They are full of life and run around chasing birds.

26th June 2012, 03:48 AM
Melissa - You would never know my two have SM. They are full of life and run around chasing birds.

That is kind of my point, yes SM is a awful thing for anyone dog or not to have....however, we proper management, and consult for Nero's we have to remember a SM, CM, Eye problem even a heart mummer diagnoses although bad and naturally cost a lot of money is not an immediate death sentence....I'm glad there is education and treatment out there. Personally I would put off doing another scan until and if there is a change in you dog....or you get to the point where meds are no longer working.

Again I have NOT lived with an very ill dog, my last beagle had diabetes and need shots and blood draws daily, that was manageable, and it the end that's not what ended his life.

I still prey I never have this problem personally but I also prey something can be done to save other form it as well. This IS a very special breed of dog I would hate to think there won't be any in 100 years.


26th June 2012, 11:45 AM

I think you're going to hate me for saying this but there is one question to ask yourself: Why are you paying a large sum of money to consult with one of the best neuro practices in the UK if not the world, then question the advice they are giving you?

From what you have already told us about Daisy's mvd, she only has a grade 2 murmour, which needs no medication. Chester Gates scan under sedation, not a G.A., so why the anxiety? She has been scanned and sedated there before without problems, so, again, why worry. SM is a progressive disease and apart from annual scans of affected dogs being the choice for optimum care, it may be that the neurologist needs an up to date scan for diagnostic purposes. Chester Gates are offering the very best of care. Don't you think Daisy would want you to trust them?

Kate H
26th June 2012, 09:22 PM
Once Daisy has been diagnosed, you can only treat the symptoms. I personally wouldn't re-scan unless there was a definite change in the symptoms and the neurologist needed to know what was happening in order to adjust treatment/medication.

The 2x/3x question with gabapentin is one of timing. The average time it takes for gabapentin to work its way through the system is 8.5 hours. Because this is the average, with some dogs it will take much longer than 8.5 hours to metabolise, so they will be fine on 2x a day. With others, it may only take, say, 6 hours to metabolise, so those dogs will need 3x or even 4x a day. If you're starting with 2x, make a note of whether Daisy regularly starts getting uncomfortable or restless before the next dose is due - this may indicate that she needs to have the gabapentin a bit more often, and you can discuss this with Ulrike.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

Brian M
26th June 2012, 09:31 PM
Hi Flo

May I ask what gives you the impression I am questioning them and the advice they give .They are expert Canine neurologists I am not
I am only an expert in my own field ie Timber so I have no knowledge to question them, I am only trying to learn to the best of
my limited abilities to enable me to care the best I can for my Daisy .I am not anxious for Daisy but I am concerned and worried for my little
baby and want to give her the best treatment I possibly can ,oh I checked her invoice for when she had her full mri and she was sedated by
G. A .

My wife Dawn like you has just had recent hospital care but we both questioned the Doctors about what they were doing and what medication they
were giving her and why .

She has unfortunately been called back for chest Xray they think they may have spotted a poss shadow when they did two chest Xrays when she was in so they want
to do another at 8.30 tomorrow ,so that has got us both uptight about going .

Best Wishes


Brian M
26th June 2012, 09:34 PM

Thanks for your reply it was what I was lookig for .How long does Gabapentin take after one starts on it to have an effect ,is
it 12 hours or days form the first capsule .



Margaret C
26th June 2012, 10:24 PM
Poor Dawn. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow's X-ray will be okay.

I think that all full scans will be done under GA. A couple of scanning centres use sedation for the breeders' low cost mini scans, although most neurologists prefer to use GA because they consider it the safer option.

I found gabapentin made a difference within the first day.

27th June 2012, 09:40 AM
Hi Brian, hope all goes well for Dawn today, will be keeping the fingers crossed for her.