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6th July 2012, 02:53 PM
This past week or so we are experiencing extreme heat 32C and high humidity. Coincidentally Charlie (SM) rests in the dark(er) hallway and not in the room where I am. Have others noticed this with their SM dogs? He's listless and his eyes look different. Usually he would follow me upstairs, now he goes half way and then goes back down. He's usually on my lap but now he stays on the floor. Sometimes he just growls while resting there. I don't know why.
So I'm wondering if it's just the heat or a combination of heat and SM. I've also noticed increased respirations.

6th July 2012, 05:59 PM
All the symptoms you describe are actions a dog would take if it were hot. I'm guessing you don't have AC??? Personally, I would check with the vet just in case but it sounds to me he's just hot. I have Fletcher on a beach vacation right now, so I have JUST looked up how hot weather effects dogs. Do what you can to keep him cool, fans Fletcher really enjoys cold melon when he's on the beach, melon has a lot of water in them too. I won't have in outside much but I'm walking Fletcher at 5am and after 8pm right now.


Kate H
7th July 2012, 12:00 AM
Yes, sounds to me too as if Charlie's trying to keep cool - staying out of sunlight, catching any draught on the floor, not using any extra energy. A fan will help, and if he's looking particularly uncomfortable, a damp towel to lie on, or draped over him - but wrung out in TEPID water, not very cold, as cold brings the blood vessels to the surface and makes dogs even hotter! Ice in the drinking water can also help. It also helps to keep the house cooler if you draw the blinds as soon as the sun gets high enough to come through the windows - you may need to turn on a light to see or read by, but it definitely helps the temperature. Someone gave a very good link to an article on dogs and heat stroke a few weeks ago - you could probably find it if you searched the forum. Charlie hasn''t got that far but there were a lot of good tips for cooling dogs down.

Kate, Oliver and Aled (far from heatstroke after a day of almost non-stop torrential rain!)

7th July 2012, 01:09 AM
Melissa and Kate
Thanks for your input.
I also have a Brussels Griffon and he isn't showing the same symptoms.
The wet towel helped and I'm pleased to learn it's heat only It's cooling down now and to-morrow's forcast is cooler.
So all should be well.

7th July 2012, 03:07 AM
Good Sandra, the weather here is calling for extreme heat warning until Sunday evening. Its been over 100 for 3 days, but since we are at the beach its cooler like 90 and we are staying wet almost all day, Fletcher too. But we're heading home tomorrow, thank goodness I have a programmable thermostat and I have to coming down to 74 tonight. Remember every dog is different like people maybe your Griffon is ok with the warmer weather. I personally could NEVER life thur a winter in your part of the world, I do not do snow :)


Kate H
7th July 2012, 11:27 AM
There may also be an SM dimension to Charlie's discomfort if the air pressure has gone very high, as this can affect dogs with SM (low pressure as well - it seems to be changes in pressure that affect them). A little extra medication on those days (with your vet/neurologist's approval) can help them to stay comfortable.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

8th July 2012, 03:00 AM
Meliussa and Kate,
Yesterday it wa 92F with high humidity--it was hot.
When I went to bed the bedroom on the second floor was only 82 according to the thermometer--an improvement alright.
I hate winter too--it's too long by far. I love the South and have spent time in Charleston, the Smokies, Georgia, very interesting with hospitable citizens, North and South Carolina, loved the sea islands, Virginia, hard to leave--so much history.
It's cooler to-day and Charlie's better.
I hope you're not in the black out area and have hydro.
So air pressure can affect SM too. I have a lot to learn.