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Super Princess
25th July 2012, 01:33 AM
Guess what...the best thing in the whole wide world just happend to me..you know other then winning the lotto or meeting mr right.

I was at work and we were discussing the lack of being aloud to leave premisis during our breaks (daycare...ratio thing..we need an extra worker) and i said i really am going to need to leave when pup comes so i can let it out for pee breaks.
and my manager said "why dont you just bring it to work everyday" and i said "i can do that?!?!" and she called the owner of the center who said absolutly they would love me to bring hte puppy to work with me ..it will teach the children something and also help socialize the dog and they said "why wouldnt you want yoru baby with you everyday?

i have the best job in the WORLD!!!!!

(its a fairly new job acutally i just go tout of a REALLY bad work situation that i was in for 4 years)

Kate H
25th July 2012, 09:55 AM
That sounds a great solution to a puppy problem! But remember that puppies tire easily - perhaps you could take a crate to work with you and find somewhere quiet for your baby to have some time out from all the other babies?

Hope all goes well,

Kate, Oliver and Aled

25th July 2012, 10:19 AM
That's very nice to be able to bring your puppy. But make sure that everyone knows only you handle your puppy, and children can pet gently, but watch out: one second everyone is happy, the next ears are pulled, eyes are poked, tails are yanked at, toys are thrown at the puppy, fingers get nipped at...Also, children scream a lot for no reason which Guinness is very afraid of, but Thistle doesn't mind.

You really need to be able to put your puppy somewhere separate, for his safety and happiness.

25th July 2012, 10:49 AM
That would be a nice solution BUT... I'd agree -- you will need a puppy pen, and crate inside the pen (see After You Get Your Puppy, the free download book, for a proper set-up) and children should only and occasionally have access and only at specific times, when sitting on the floor and you are holding the puppy -- NEVER the children running around with the pup openly, carrying it, etc. and especially not when the puppy is small (eg before 6-7 months old). All interactions must be strictly managed and the puppy not interacting more than a couple of times a day and then should have a quiet area removed from where children can shout, grab, go look etc -- you do not want a puppy that ends up fear aggressive due to being scared of children and this is a real possibility unless there's a set-up that gives the puppy its own space 80% or so of the time.

I've got a lot of excellent links on kids and cavaliers pinned at the top of the training section -- these will be very valuable to go through in advance and to continue to refer to.

Also I think a responsible daycare manager must inform parents that there will be a dog at the centre. as there may be children with pet allergies and other parents concerned with hygiene. I don;t think you can just spring a dog at the daycare centre on parents without telling them all in advance.

Hopefully all that will be worked out with no problems. :)

25th July 2012, 01:12 PM
That's exactly what I did with Fletcher I owned a child day care center. Fletcher was with me there every day until we sold. I'm going PM you with all the info. about how I did it worked out great too.


Stacy De
25th July 2012, 07:53 PM
That is wonderful news!! Like others have mentioned just make sure you have a safe and quiet spot as they do tire very easily and get a bit overwhelmed by the noises and activity. I work from home 3 days a week and go to the office 2 times a week, Cody always goes with me and has from day 1. Our office is small there are only 3 of us and everyone knows the rules, which I had to set down from the get go!!! My office is set up with everything he needs and I have a doggie gate that I put in the doorway if Cody is tired so that people will not come pestering him. I tried to just let him sleep but it would never fail someone would come in checking on him and wake him up! The doggie gate has put and end to that! Good luck and enjoy!!