View Full Version : Prilosec ,Gabapentin and Cimetidene - Times to Take

Brian M
26th July 2012, 10:09 AM

Help and advice please .

I give Daisy her meds at

6.00 am Cimetidene 50 mg and Gabapentin 100 mg
2.00 pm Cimetidene 50 mg and Priolosec 10 mg
6.00 pm Gabapentin 100 mg
10.00 pm Cimetidene 50 mg

and she has her breakfast at 7.30 am and tea at 5.30 pm .

Would I better with the following times.

6.00 am Cimetidene and Prilosec
7.15 am Gabapentin
2.00 am Cimetidene
7.15 pm Gabapentin
10.00 pm Cimetidene



26th July 2012, 03:06 PM
Brian, I think it wiser to ask your neurologist directly as they prescribed this menu of treatments. Neurologists disagree as to whether there's a need to separate out CSF inhibitors and gabapentin (and if separated, on how far apart they should be given). No one here would have the neurology expertise to advise on this issue -- therefore, I'd discuss your concerns directly with the person who prescribed the medications. :thmbsup: You need to get your own neurologist's opinion and then can have an informed discussion directly with them :) (they should have stated this when the gave you the meds however, if they felt they should be given at different times).