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4th August 2012, 01:38 PM
I wondered if anyone could recommend some good grooming products for my first open show please? Actually, any advice would be good as i am very nervous!!!

Can any recommend something to help Cavaliers ears to fluff up too?

May i add that i have done fun and companion shows but this time doing something a little more professional

Many thanks xx

4th August 2012, 06:27 PM
I have used Groomers products for years and been more than happy with them. Their stuff is very popular with show people, which speaks for itself. Which shampoo and conditioner(s) you use depends on which suit Alfie's coat best. Have a look on the Groomers' website to see what is on offer. I would start with small sizes, then possibly buy larger when you know which you want to stick with. Basically a good quality shampoo and after shampoo conditioner are best to start with. I wouldn't recommend any of the colour enhancing products for cavaliers - the breed standard is quite clear about colours and if you have a well pigmented dog his atributes will speak for themselves.

So far as the ears are concerned. If you work with a blow dryer from the bottom of the ear towards the top it should bulk up the hair, which you can then carefully smooth over with a good bristle brush - Mason Pearson are the very best, but very expensive. I think Groomers do them too if you want to splash out.

There really is no substitute for a lot of brushing and combing, gently but throroughly of course. You will need to take a good brush and comb for final touch ups before you go into the ring and a towel might be a good idea in case of rain or mud in the car park at the venue.

The Kennel Club Regulations for the Preparations of Dogs for Exhibition F(b) states very clearly that 'No substance which alters the natural colour, texture or body of the coat may be present in the dog's coat for any purpose at any time during the show. Any other substance other than water which may be used in the preparation of a dog for exhibition must not be allowed to remain in the coat or on any other part of the dog at the time of exhibition.'

Lastly, arrive in good time for the show and try to pick a nice spot within sight of the ring where the Cavaliers are to be judged so that you can watch the classes before yours and assess what you and Alfie will be required to do and so that you can both soak up the atmosphere.

Above all, have a good time and don't take it all too seriously.;) Good luck. Let us know what and where and we will all be thinking of you :blabla:

My Henry Boy
4th August 2012, 06:35 PM
No advice, but good luck!

4th August 2012, 07:59 PM
Sounds like so much fun! I am new to showing myself I only use Ice on Ice for a detangler, I have heard plush puppy is really good too. You will want a good comb for the ears and feathers and I use a slicker brush for a final brushing before going into the ring. Cavaliers are shown natural so you don't want to over-do on any products. Just use a light conditioner when you bathe the dog, and blow dry the dog.

Once you start making friends at the shows they will give you some good hints. Good luck! Make sure and brag about Alfie to us after the show!