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5th August 2012, 04:02 PM
Hi! My cute little boy, Carter is a 2 year old Blenheim. He is a delight (our first Cavalier and we love the breed)!! He loves all people - often too much we work constantly on "down" :) This is my dilemna, my daughter just got a puppy, cross between a lab and something a cute and lovable puppy (the pup is 3 1/2 months and is the size of our boy Carter). When they come to visit Carter reacts in one of two ways.....he cowers away OR he has started growling and attacking the pup. At first we thought the aggression was a good thing as it is teaching the pup that he is at Carter's house and he needs to not jump (he is playing like all puppies do) on Carter and give him some respect. I am now not sure that the aggression is a good thing? How do we teach the pup to not be so excitable AND teach Carter that it is ok to stick up for himself, but he can't be TOO aggressive??? HELP!!

5th August 2012, 05:46 PM
Hmmmm one of the skills Fletcher (my 6 month old cavalier) came with was an amazing ability to "know his place" when it comes to meeting other dogs. My parents have a few dogs that can be more than a little aggressive, Fletcher will roll on him back and wait he is pretty good at backing off and letting the other dogs warm up (after all we are at their house). I really believe Fletcher learned this skill during young puppyhood, when he was with his mother and litter mates. Mommy dogs are the first ones to teach proper manners.

Because my parents dogs can be aggressive towards other dogs visiting their house. The first few time we visited I would call ahead and ask my Mom to make sure all the dogs were inside and I would walk Fletcher in the backyard first, then we would walk around to the front dog and Mom would let her dogs out back. Oh man they knew an "outsider" had been in the yard. The new few times I took Fletcher over I kept him crated, that what they could sniff each other in a controlled way, we also allowed Fletcher to meet 2 of my parents "friendly" dogs (they have 4 total). That went well. My parents 2 "meanie" dogs are crate trained as well so we just traded off. Then one day when I had Fletcher crated while visiting their house I just reached down and opened the crate with all the dogs in the kitchen. Fletcher did it like a pro, he "knew his place" did not charge the other dogs and after a few tense sniffs they were fine. My parents oldest dog is Fletcher favorite playmates.

I think your problem might be two fold, number one Carter might just need some more time, maybe some more "controlled" meeting (however I would have the puppy crated NOT Carter- you are right its his house) number two perhaps the puppy needs some training not to just jump on every dog right outta the gate. That behavior could be dangerous. Just a question tho, do you really thing Carter will hurt the puppy? I'm more concerned with the cowering then the "aggression" You may want to think about getting Carter into a class, they are fun. Perhaps he needs more general socialization, plus you might need a refresher on teaching down. Fletcher is the same way he loves people.


6th August 2012, 12:52 AM
I'm wondering how many other dogs Carter has spent time with? What you're describing to me sounds like a dog that spends time mostly with humans and doesn't know how to behave around other dogs. If you feel that is the case, I'd suggest researching socialization for dogs, or speaking with a professional trainer to see if you can help him overcome it. Good luck!