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12th August 2012, 12:16 AM
Hi Guys,

Jeez been a long time sinc e I've been on the forum. Firstly I hope everyone is well.
I'm looking around the net as I'm becoming a paranoid mummy over Neima. Skin issues from aged 2 lost whole litter at 5 found out she had autoimmune issues diabetic since 5. Slight heartmurmer since 6 never progressively increased. We had her cataracts removed also Nd recently 30 teeth removed from gingivitis. Neima also had a hysterectomy to control her diabetes a little better and then a nipple removed as a lump had grown. She is increasingly more sooky with me has been a big sleeper since diabetes but more so now. Slower on the stairs sometimes demands a lift. Decreased appetite! Sore gums? Food too hard or hot? Stiff after sleeping I think she seems more down.

Not sure how I should approach the fact she is getting older I'm not looking forward to whenever D day arrives my little princess.

Thanks guys Theresa

12th August 2012, 08:13 PM
It's really hard to see them getting old but it happens to all of us [the alternative is worse :(]

We do need to make changes to their life styles to help them. 6 monthly check ups are very important as vets can often pick things up before they become major issues. Poor Neima is dealing with many issues and it is hard for you to deal with those too.

I think they become sooky as they get older, and when they are not well, and look to you for comfort.

If her gums are sore then soft food may help - I presume that the rest of her teeth are ok? Often they will not want to eat if their mouth is sore. It may also be hard for her to chew with only a few teeth. With regard to the slowness on the stairs, has she been checked for arthritis?

Just enjoy and treasure every day and make lots of happy memories - and try to prepare yourself for the day when you may need to make that awful decision - sometimes they just leave us and that can be quite a shock.

Maybe make a list of things that are important to Neima's quality of life - being able to go out for walks, enjoy a cuddle, enjoy her meals etc This can be helpful when having to think about it. Also this thread http://www.cavaliertalk.com/forums/showthread.php?8819-When-is-it-time-to-say-goodbye-A-guide-to-the-hardest-decision

Thinking of you - oldies are very special but this is the downside - they do break your heart.

15th August 2012, 12:55 AM
Hi Nicki,

Thanks very much for the reply.

I always try and make her food soft for her but I also think its slot to do with boredom, hard to try and vary when she is to be on diabetic food. She hasn't been diagnosed with arthritis but she is more slower and seeming like she is unable to climb the stairs. Lennon was diagnosed as having arthritis although I don't think he had blood tests his weight that we have been trying to get down which seems like forever plays a part in that.

The rest of her teeth are ok I am going to at the end of them month have her remaining 12 cleaned at the groomers then use dentagen for their water. Thanks again so much for your reply I keep thinking she is only 11 still a spring chicken but I've heard average is 12 and that scares me. Once I feel ready to read the goodbye guide I will.

I was looking at your photo's of all your babies so beautiful!

Thanks theresa

Love my Cavaliers
15th August 2012, 03:31 AM
It is so hard to see them getting old and slowing down. My Oliver is 11 and although he is pretty healthy, he doesn't like going up stairs so I think he has some arthritis. We live in a ranch house so he doesn't have to use stairs most of the time. Whenever we're someplace he has to, I sometimes carry him and he seems to appreciate it. A little helping hand never hurts once in a while. Also when he sleeps now, he sleeps very deeply, much more soundly than he ever did. But he still loves racing in the yard, going for walks, cuddling, and especially eating! Give Neima a kiss from my gang.