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18th August 2012, 09:26 PM
Our new local park has a great off leash area, which is also popular for picnickers. Which means lots of birds in the park. Guinness absolutely loves chasing the birds, and on his second day he managed to catch one. I think it must have been a little injured alread because the other birds would fly to high branches where this bird tended to taunt him from very low branches.

So anyway, he got it by the tail feathers, and the bird just gave up and sat there. And guinness walked around it, and they touched noses, and guinness walked around few more times sniffing the bird. Then he and the bird just sat next to each other for a few minutes. I wish I'd had my camera. And that was it, after a little resting the bird took off down a steep slope and managed to get some good loft and settle on a high branch.

Given how intensely Guinness chases these birds, I was surprised that he didn't feel any instinct to hurt the bird, he didn't even try to pick it up.

It was very cute.

19th August 2012, 08:19 AM
I'm surprised too that Guinness didn't want to hurt the bird.

My boy Winston Alexander has so far caught two birds in our garden, both of which were speedily despatched and eaten. I have had to accept, with difficulty, that he is just a dog with the hunting instincts of the larger spaniels that Cavaliers were bred down from.

Love my Cavaliers
19th August 2012, 02:39 PM
Oz also caught a bird and treated it like Guinness, but Riley found out what they were up to and like Winston Alexander, had a very tasty meal. Now Oz is my real pistol of a dog always causing trouble, getting sprayed by a skunk, going in the trash cans in the bathroom, etc and Riley is my SM dog who is very subdued and "broken" as my daughter's boyfriend likes to call her. But she is the hunter out of all four of my dogs. I have caught her with so many chipmunks and birds that she has killed I can't begin to count how many. It's pretty gross, but like Flo said, they're dogs with hunting instincts and I guess the SM hasn't dampened that at all!!

20th August 2012, 07:13 AM
When he he didn't attack the bird I was relieved, but then when he went to say Hi I was worried the bird would attack him in self-defense. It was a crow, so quite a strong bird. But they both just kind hung out contemplating the other.

Crows are quite intelligent, so I was wondering what the bird thought of this "catch and release predator".