View Full Version : Zac 11 year old Multicolour boy looking for a new home

19th August 2012, 06:18 PM
Zac is in the care of Freshfields Dog Rescue in Liverpool. This is his rehoming thread http://www.freshfieldsrescue.org.uk/animals/detail/zac1
Please contact the rescue for more details. This sweet little chap is looking for a lap to spend this golden years on.

Brian M
19th August 2012, 10:18 PM
i have contacted a friend over Zac so he willsoon appear on
another forum and the main club rescue coordinators will be notified .



20th August 2012, 01:28 AM
Just curious Brian -- if this little guy is already safe in rescue and ready for rehoming :), is there a need for club rescues to get involved? Or am I misunderstanding this post? (I may well be! :lol:)

Just for general information to anyone wishing to help rescues (as I know many here do, including Brian!) :) : as a courtesy, the original rescue should really always be asked first about having club or any other rescue contacted to 'help'. This can be a sensitive area, and some won't desire the involvement of other rescues, especially ones they don't know and work with already (plus, most good rescues will ask for help if they need it & know to find breed club contacts). I know it might seem like involving other rescues is always helpful, but really it should never be done without clearing this with the original rescue first, or alternatively, without a specific request for additional help, from the rescue that has a dog. :thmbsup:

In the same way that if you have a job, having people outside come along and start to advise and micromanage your work can be pretty darn annoying and unwanted if you are doing perfectly fine already. :thmbsup:

One point of concern -- it is known that some club rescues in the past would not take older dogs and/or have made decisions in the past to pts dogs they believe are not rehomeable (that some in rescue would have strongly disagreed with and thus, such club rescues are now avoided). Sad, but something to keep in mind.

Brian M
20th August 2012, 09:16 AM
Hello Karlin

I do know Freshfields just outside L/pool and they do a superb job on limited funds as most unforunately are .Our aim is
only to try and help find a forever home for this old chap ,we are not asking other rescues to rescue only that they may
have/know somebody already on their lists who could contact F/felds direct and help give Zac his forevere home.

23rd August 2012, 11:59 AM
I am pleased to say Zac is now reserved. I hope he will soon have a new forever home:)

24th August 2012, 05:07 PM
Glad to hear he is reserved. :) Cavaliers almost always seem to find a new home fairly quickly, even with older dogs or medical conditions. That's why a lot of us in rescue think that while an honest assessment of every dog is needed -- and must be given to prospective homes (there is also a problem with some rescues concealing problems or minimising them or not properly investigating a condition :( ) --no snap decision should be made to pts a dog simply because of age or medical condition, if quality of life is good. :)

Unless they post with permission to crosspost, it is still proper etiquette to ask a rescue if they need help and if so, if you may therefore inform breed/club rescue. Sometimes such help is welcomed -- and sometimes it is not. :thmbsup: