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26th August 2012, 11:07 PM
Hello, I have been on here a while but I have never introduced ourselves - bad I know! I have had 4 Cavaliers (6 if you include a newborn pup which sadly died soon after birth called Dazzles, and his Elder brother Chas who went on to go to a new family at 8 weeks - I kept the 3rd pup - it was un-planned keeping, but if any of you have ever breed animals, it is very hard not to bond with them - and thus I would not do it again, because saying goodbye is very, very difficult!) My first Cavalier was a Tri-colour boy called DJ, 6 months later I bought a Blenhiem sister of his from his breeder called Daisy. DJ sadly passed away in 2010 aged 9, although are no longer physically with us, they are still considered a part of our family.

DJ was a very bright and clever little dog, however, he was very anti other dogs after he was bitten by another dog when he was a pup unfortunately. He was very loving, cunning, cheeky and funny little dog - if you did not want him to do something - you could guarantee he'd do it & everyone always knew he was the guilty party!! Maybe I should have been more firmer when he was a pup, but he was my first dog & as a result got away with far more than he should have done - hmmm, yes, rightly or wrongly he was probably more in charge of things than perhaps he should have done in the household! However, I loved him, and I was bereft when he died, when anyone you love dies you feel like you are in a suspended place, where time doesn't seem to exist for a while.... the funny thing about pets I guess is that although they are shared and adored by others in your life, they are quite "personal" friends to you in a differn't way than a person is, in that a person is "shared" by everyone and a dog is not so much, they probably know more and notice more about you than you or anyonelse realises! Although he was Daisy's big brother, Timmy's Uncle and best friend and my oldest and longest pooch I really missed my dog and when I think about him, I still feel a bit tearful..... yes I most definately do still miss the little guy - he was wonderful.

I still have Daisy, of who has just turned 11 years old! Daisy has a cheerful bouncy gait and a tail that spins round like a helicopter propeller & I still get asked by people "Awww, how old is the puppy is?" I always love to see the looks on thier faces when I reveal her true age! - they are always left astonished! It is really amusing! She has a little Arthritis in her hips though, so despite how young she may look, she is on "pensioner" length walkies!

I also have Daisy's 7 year old Blenhiem son called Timmy -the size of a hamster that he was when he was born! He is a wonderful little dog, if he can't find mischief, then I promise you he will make it! He has a larger than life personality and the personality of a clown! If I was a great dog trainer I would have loved to have gotten Timmy into acting! He loves attention for the things he does. His talent became apparent when as a pup he would un-ravel the toilet paper all around the house & looked so proud of his achievements! He would also pull down the tea-towel off the kitchen cabinets to lay down on! I could go on and on about Timmy's antics!

Finally I have a black & tan called Archie, who was 4 years old when I got him, he had, had several homes before me, and used as a stud dog, as far as I understand it he was rarely walked. The previous owners loved him, but not sure if they may have been a little scared of him, since I don't think a lot of TLC was put into him previous to that, and when I had him, he was a little scared of just about everything, from his reflection in a steel water bowl to being brushed and he would sometimes growl at you! I was not looking for a dog after my tri-colour passed away, and came accross this dog by pure accident. But I am so glad that I agreed to have him. From being a frightened and worried little dog, he has become a lot more confident, he loves being brushed now, is crazy about his walks, and adores a big cuddle where as before he wondered what on earth you were doing to him - oh, and did I mention - he knows lots of commands now and is really keen to do his new tricks!! He didn't realise just how clever he was! He is truly wonderful and I love him to bits - and I am bery proud of the progress he has made - it is like he has always been here with us as one of our family! Archie is my profile pic.

I'm very lucky, to have such an awesome furry family!!

So Hi to you all!! :)