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5th September 2012, 10:16 PM
I honestly dont know how people go and buy puppies on a whim without alot of thought. The're hard work :rolleyes: Having Bowser really reminds me of when my little boy was a baby lol. There's the WORRY, like putting things in his mouth or falling off the bed and is he eating and drinking enough. Cleaning Pee & Poop :smile: poking him if he's slept too long to make sure he's still alive lol!!!!! Waking up during the night because his bladder is too small. Is another dog gonna pick on him. Worrying he'll pick up a cold. The list is endless. Its like having 2 children hahaha!!!!!!

Love my Cavaliers
5th September 2012, 10:34 PM
And it doesn't stop when they get older. I had two of them sick the other night. My 11 year old asked to be let out 3-4 times for diarrhea (at least he asked to go out!) and my 5 year old was up vomiting at least 4-5 times. Now he didn't care where he puked, my bed, the carpet, anywhere. So as soon as I heard him retching I had to steer him onto the hardwood floor where it was easier to clean up. But, since both of my kids are grown and out of the house, I was thinking that this was kind of like having two sick kids. I was up all night - worrying, letting Oliver out, waiting for Oz to start retching again, worrying, letting Oliver out, cleaing up Oz's vomit, anything but sleeping - you get the picture. So enjoy the good days. They far outweigh the worrisome days. And at least dogs can't get driver's licenses when they hit the equivalent of their teen years!!!

5th September 2012, 11:02 PM
So true! My dogs sleep in the next room and if one starts whining or barking in the middle of the night, I know someone needs to get outside *fast*. But that means outside into the street so I've been out there many a time at 4am in pajamas and a fleece with a dog with the runs... ugh!

Makes me appreciate what my parents put up with when we'd wake up sick in the middle of the night as kids. :lol:

6th September 2012, 04:40 AM
Yes, I agree. I knew a puppy would be a lot of work but I was honestly surprised it was SO MUCH work.Fletcher is my first puppy. And then add having 3 kids in the house and OH BOY! I have spent a ton of time training myself and the kids never mind the "dealing" with Fletcher. However, I am finding it a truly rewarding job. I love just about everything about Fletcher even most of the "bad" things, like this morning I was cleaning out the fridge and poor thing he really wanted some left over food he knocked over the trash can. Bad puppy, but Mommy knew you'd love the trash that's why we have a locking lip trash can...no trash eating for you :rolleyes:.

It's amazing to me how one little dog can make us all so happy. Fletcher is 200% worth the work and best of all no back-talking or asking to new video games :*nana:

I think a good parent is a good parent doesn't matter if your kids are human or furbabies .

Oh and Karlin- I actually walked Fletcher this morning in my pajamas!!! It was an accident tho a neighbor stopped by and Fletcher was whining at the door so I grabbed a leash and brought him out why we were talking when after that Fletcher EXPECTED a walk so we did. Mr. Monster had on Elmo pajamas too. :) Now all my neighbors KNOW I'm crazy and can stop wondering :)

7th September 2012, 05:20 PM
I love puppies :lotsaluv:... I think we all do..but I agree..they can be a lot of work. It is exactly like having a toddler !!
....and sometimes that toddler is "Dennis the Menace"...LOL!! ;)
But the effort is always worth it...:thmbsup:
Our kids are grown adults now..but for the last 36 years we have raised many dogs from pups.
As I shared before...we have always owned large dogs ( golden retrievers , labradors, rottweilers).

Ohmygosh!!...I could share soooo many stories...hahaha!! They can do soooo much damage in such a short amount of time.
We have had wallpaper ripped from walls ( yes...found a tiny piece loose & ripped down the entire wall the very week we moved into our home!)..to chewing off the trim clear around a door....devouring a 20 lb. bag of bird seed & then pooping it all over the floor the next day :shock:...ripping the TV cable off the outside of the house along w/ 2 window screens....destroying a couch in the basement :yikes...Cell phones :*gh:...shoes..the list goes on !!
Not to mention when they puke or poop..> the mess. :yuk:
And where were WE you ask??? Yep..we sound like terrible pet owners don't we??...lol... but all this happened so fast..it was incredible!

But in spite of it all.. I would of never traded in a one of them. They also enriched our lives in many ways too.
I loved them all!
And fortunately we have learned from these experiences.

At this point in our lives though.. we just have our Lab- Zeb & our Cavalier -Wrigley..& it just seems so much easier.
I try to remember all this stuff when I am cleaning up after little Wrigley...or watching him dig to kingdom come for some "mole" out back.
Yeah..he is probably spoiled !! :luv: :o..but oh well...
Both of our dogs are!!

7th September 2012, 05:35 PM
When my 3 were puppy’s it was easy compared to now with the constant worry of their SM, if the air pressure changes Ebony needs extra medication. This year alone I have been back and forwards to the vets with Harley with an eye ulcer then Ebony & Harley developed colitis that decided to hang around forever and now he has a cracked tooth. It’s just one thing after the other. When they were puppies I had them from the Breeder at 10 weeks house trained only ever went on the puppy pad if they had too. Didn’t chew anything & never ill. It was lovely.

Brian M
7th September 2012, 08:37 PM

Even when they get older Cavaliers still don,t always seem to get all the puppy fun out of themselves .I often think for me its like having four kids
all at the terrible two stage causing mayhem and chaos ,but its all good fun and I love it .

8th September 2012, 02:18 AM

8th September 2012, 04:33 AM
I call Rose my "perpetual toddler" :) ...