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Super Princess
17th September 2012, 03:13 AM
in another topic..i brought up these snuggle safe heat things..you stick it in the microwave and it heats up for 12 hours.
i thought this was a great idea for bringing home a new puppy (especially in the winter!)

MishathePooh suggested a nother product thats a little more affordable.. a self heating mat. which could possibly do the same thing.

ive also seen online heart beat toys...

reviews on the two products (heat disk and heart beat toy) have been great..saying that it makes transitioning a new puppy into a home away from its family a lot easier.
theyre expensive..and there has been a few reports of the disk being misused and causing serious damage.

I was also thinking..maybe a sheep skin rug as bedding.. as that would be soft and warm.. but do you think the puppy would eat it?

so many ideas .. my cats never got this luxury ;)
then again..they didnt really care hahah.

17th September 2012, 04:07 AM
I just got my third puppy and I have never used anything like what you are describing. They each have their own crate , a nice soft bed, and a receiving blanket. Once I was sure there would be no accidents in the crate, I added a synthetic sheepskin on the floor. Before that I used a staydry bed pad on the floor. Add a favorite stuffed toy and a chewy and they are good to go. When it is really cold, I put pjs on them and a fleece on their beds. After our last "outside" for the evening, they have special "cookies" for bedtime. As soon as I go to the container, they run for their beds, get their cookies, lights out and I generally don't hear from them again till morning.

17th September 2012, 06:57 AM
I would just suggest being careful with what you leave in the crate...the puppy may well try to eat it. They are really quite happy and much safer on the plain crate bottom unless the house is quite cold.

17th September 2012, 07:17 AM
I use a baby blanket (the fleecy fluffy kind), if you go when the styles are changing you can get last season's designs cheaply.

Thistle has never cared for her blanket; but Guinness uses both blankets regularly.

My Henry Boy
17th September 2012, 12:13 PM
Check out yard sales or thrift stores for baby blankets... They will most likely get yucky and stained so I'd hate to pay a lot. Henry loves his blanky, I crocheted it for him when he was itty bitty and sent it to his breeder. He always slept on it. We have a synthetic sheep skin, his blanket, a stuffed toy that he snuggles with and a chew. He is perfect when in his crate.

17th September 2012, 01:17 PM
I use cheap or old bath mats for crate bottoms they wash easy and keep any messes inside the crate. Fletcher is a fabric chewer but he has never chewed them. Oh and so much cheaper than bog crate bedding!!!!! As for any warming pads, I cut and hemmed an old pillow case (to make it 1/3 the size) and filled it with plain old rice. Pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds and its stays warm but never hot for a few hours. However!!!!!! I would never use that for a puppy or even an unsupervised dog, my older poodle loves them for chilly winter evenings on the sofa. Fletcher is usually sitting on me so he's warm but the poodle has never loves me enough to sit on me :)

18th September 2012, 06:18 AM
OR...you could get a BIG 'ole labrador and keep the pup warm in the winter...hahaha! (Just kidding*)
Wrigley sleeps right next to Zeb...always has.
I too would check out garage sales and thrift stores for old baby blankets. That is what I have always put in Wrigley's crate. He kind of noses and moves them around to suit him. And when they get dirty..they easily wash up in the laundry.

Super Princess
18th September 2012, 08:05 PM
OR...you could get a BIG 'ole labrador and keep the pup warm in the winter...hahaha! (Just kidding*)

bahhahaha i always wanted a golden retriever..begged for years before my mothere uttered one sentesnce that changed our lives forever "i will NOT get a golden retriever they're too big..if you find a small spaniel i will THINK about it"

Thanks for the suggestions guys!
My mum acutally makes heating bags..theyr full of dried corn instead of rice..but yes..its not something id let unsupervized.
I bought a little soft dog matress for the crate.