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11th October 2012, 12:48 AM
I am pregnant and getting nervous about how Sonny will do with the baby. We have read the links on here and a lot of other things about dogs and children, but I am just a little nervous because of Sonny's past guarding tendencies. We still have a bit of time until the little one arrives, so hopefully we will have worked with Sonny enough by then that he is ready for his new little friend. :)

11th October 2012, 12:44 PM
I think its only natural to worry about your "other" baby when bring home a new one. There are a lot of books and info out there about bringing a new baby home with a beloved pet at home too just keep reading and learning. Personally, I think the whole leaving Sonny part to go have the baby is the hardest.....even if its only 2 or so days. I would find someone to dog sit and start leaving Sonny for a bit as dry run. Also newborn babies are boring other than crying and taking away your attention ;) There won't be too much interaction between baby and Sonny at first so they can grow into a relationship.

30th October 2012, 03:38 PM
I was concerned about how Howard would react when the baby arrived as he was still young and had gotten used to a lot of home comforts, such as having free reign of my lap etc.

In the first few weeks I let him get used to the new smells and sounds and never complained or tended when he got close to Hugo, but just acted normally and praised him when he settled down and paid no attention whilst he was actively sniffing. Of course I'd never dream of leaving them alone together, just as I wouldn't leave him with my 4 year old.

This was then when Hugo was 2 months.


Howard adores the baby and now he's 6 months, Hugo adores Howard.


Congratulations with the baby. Just take it slow and simple.

2nd November 2012, 01:40 AM
Thanks for the advice. I LOVE your pictures!