View Full Version : Deer Antlers??? Are they ok?

Karen Rawlins
12th October 2012, 10:01 PM
I just got Churchill a deer/elk antler and he loves it. I watch him closely and always have fresh water available. How much is too much? He wants it all the time.

12th October 2012, 10:57 PM
My guys love split elk antlers so the can get to the marrow inside. Is yours split?

After paying $13 an antler at the pet store I found some on Etsy cheap & ordered them but the Etsy ones had a lot of sharp edges and thin pieces my guys were chewing off so I took those away. The pet store ones are pricey but my guys sure love them & have had no issues chewing on them as much as they want

13th October 2012, 01:36 AM
I have several deer-hunting friends. They mostly have them processed and then give the wrapped meat to local food pantries. I was wondering if those antlers would OK for Bentley. Do they make a mess? Do you have to do it outside?

13th October 2012, 02:05 AM
Fletcher loves those elk spit halfed antlers. We own several I too ordered them from Etsy way cheaper. I do have hunter friends we have white tail deer here and several vets say they "should" be fine. However you need to get someone to split them and allow them to dry out. I myself LOVE the antlers no mess no smell!!! If you have a dog who is a strong chewer I would go with bigger and check it all the time because they do break off towards the end of its life. Just check them a lot to make sure. Many people say your dog should have some supervision with them but I admit I have left them in Fletcher's crate when I'm away. I don't do that anymore!! I have heard for one cavalier breaking a tooth on one....I would want to be around for that. With a puppy like Fletcher who doesn't care for kongs but is a bit of a chewer they are a live saver :)

13th October 2012, 05:03 AM
I've read that the untreated antlers can carry fungus and such. Not sure how they get treated, but boiling them would probably do the trick. Many people boil them in chicken broth to add flavor in any case.

I gave antlers to my two dogs but they weren't interested. I've heard that the split ones are best and have more flavor. May try again, but they are pricey.

Came back to add: if the antler isn't breaking into pieces, I think you can let your dog have it a lot. I like to save cherished chewable for when I have to go out...

They don't make a mess, in fact I think they are the cleanest of the bio chew toys for dogs. I think they could chew on one anywhere with no mess. There's no odor either, at least not that I've detected. My two much prefer bully sticks, and those DO smell!

15th October 2012, 12:55 AM
We've have the same antlers for years. They hold up great.