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18th October 2012, 08:46 PM
Does anyone have or had a cavalier with MVD and has Trupanion for pet insurance? I have a friend whose cavalier (according to vet) went from a grade 1 murmur to grade 3 with fluid in the lungs in 6 month. The vet has prescribed lasix but I keep telling her to see a cardiologist. She uses Trupanion and maybe if I can tell her that a specialist would cover the cost it might get her to bring Kennedy in. I love Kennedy like my own since she was Ella's boyfriend and they were joined at the hip. Elton doesn't play with him. I have read posts over and over about vets trying to treat MVD and to go to a Cardiologist so it is really upsetting me especially since he seems to be at the point where he needs medication. He is also having some symptoms that is worrying her.

Thank you

Brian M
18th October 2012, 09:08 PM
Hi Annie

Fully agree a Cardiologist is the one to see , so you can only keep on tring to persuade your friend to take Kennedy to one .