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19th October 2012, 02:54 AM
Hi, I just joined and already posted in another part of the forum, but I thought I'd introduce myself here and let off the fully story of my *possible* Cavalier mix, Apollo.

I volunteer at a local shelter and help them spread word about the dogs in the stray ward and check on craigslist to see if anyone posted a dog to that description and such. It was 3AM when I saw this picture of a small black and tan dog that I honestly thought was a puppy. I was moving into an apartment in the fall, but I talked to my parents about bringing him home. The previous May we had lost our family dog and my dad was still very upset about her death and couldn't even think about another dog. However I told them there was something different. I was in love and he had to be mine and only mine.

The next day my dad and I went to the shelter and I adopted him. Well... everything was signed but since he was in the stray ward I had to wait several more agonizing days to see if anyone would pick him up. I wasn't even allowed to meet him or see him. The volunteers and staff weren't even allowed to touch strays except to feed them and clean their cage. I had to sign a waiver stating I understood he hadn't been behaviorally tested, vet checked, anything. I was like I don't care I want him.

Finally the day arrived. I was there at 8AM the minute they opened and I demanded my dog. They went over everything one last time to make sure I understood. I handed over his adoption fee of $10. Finally they paged the overhead speaker "Bring out #281, he's going home." A few minutes later I saw the kennel door open and this lady was being dragged about by this mop of black and brown fur. He ran up to me and I fell to my knees crying. He jumped in my lap and covered me in kisses. The kennel volunteer was laughing/crying. She said he was a favorite and she was glad he was going home... he wasn't selected for the adoption program and would have been euthanized that afternoon if I didn't show up.

I put on his brand new leash and collar and we went home. We went to the vet and got all our vaccinations, heart worm test [negative!], and blood work done. I remember my vet commenting that he was the most handsome and unique shelter dog she had seen in a long time. She told me he was healthy and that he was an absolute treasure. Then came the bad news; his nails were grossly overgrown, he had double ear infections that were bleeding and full of pus, he had several types of worms, and fleas. He was also ridiculously underweight. You could see his ribs and count the bones of his spine, his hip bones were jutting out under the fur. Best guess he was three years old.

The next day he went to the groomer where they had to shave him naked. Also... SURPRISE he wasn't neutered like the shelter thought. Back to the vet's where we set up a neuter appointment.

Now, in October, he is the perfect dog for me. I'm so glad I found him. He sleeps in bed with me, and has since the first night I got him! He's very entitled, and never had any qualms about cozying up on a lap or furniture. He loves naps, walks, and trips to the dog park. He's in obedience training right now because he does have issues with large dogs, and we're working on it.

He is working towards becoming a therapy dog. I work as a home health aid and he sometimes comes along when I have brief appointments with my clients. They love him, and he loves the attention.

He's also my complete shadow. He's gotten better but the first two months I had him his nose had to be pressed against my leg otherwise he'd be whining. His anxiety has totally calmed because he trusts me now and knows I'm always coming back.

I wrote A LOT, don't feel the need to read it all. There's so much more I could say, I know everyone could say more about their dogs. I just feel as if Apollo and I are the perfect match for each other. I'm so lucky to have him.

Apollo & I about two weeks ago.

Sydneys Mom
19th October 2012, 03:01 AM

He certainly seems to have the "cavalier" personality!

19th October 2012, 04:07 AM
He looks so sweet... He looks part Cavalier, part Cocker or other spaniel. But he's adorable. How much does he weigh? It might be fun to have a DNA test done on him. Ccongrats on finding your best friend. :)

19th October 2012, 05:31 AM
Currently he weighs 20lbs, which is a far cry from the 9lbs we started from. He is definitely build more solidly than a cavalier I think; he is broader like a cocker. He just has these funny long legs and HUGE paws. They are massive compared to his size.

Speaking of Apollo he's currently on my feet massacring a busy-bone. He loves those things.

19th October 2012, 01:09 PM
Welcome and yeah he def has a cavalier personality. When I first got Fletcher my family who had never seen a cavalier said he's gonna be huge look at those feet LOL Silly non-cavalier people.