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20th October 2012, 05:16 PM
The other day ( Monday) my nephew was driving his company truck on I-80 in Iowa when a little black dog ran across the highway. He stopped and picked it up. It is a Labradoodle pup someone had dumped. ( Iowa animal control found 2 others later) I hate it when people toss aside dogs like they are garbage !! :mad: :( ( mad & sad)

My nephew brought him into Illinois w/ him...and I took him...gave him a much needed bath, fed him...and took him immediately to the Vet for shots, de-wormer, etc.
He is only around 4 mo's old according to the vet..and very traumatized. He is also really skinny.

Anyway...we thought he had a forever home w/ my brother who was initially excited about it. Turns out he said it's too much for him to handle right now. He hasn't had a pup in over 16 yrs..and he works a lot.

I am fostering this pup but the longer we have him..the more attached he is becoming to us & vice-versa.
He may end up being our 3rd addition to our furry family. :o
He is going to need patience & work. So he cannot go to just anyone that wants him. There will be stipulations.
He is not hyper..pretty calm actually. He has a lot of potential to be a great dog !
As I said..we are getting very attached to him....so have a strong feeling he will be w/ us. :l*v:

Here is the thing.
He obviously has lived the beginnings of his life in a cage ( puppy mill).. he totally freaks out when put in a crate. :(
I had to leave yesterday a few hours to babysit my grandson..and he defected all over himself :*gh: & was frantic when I came home. He also jumps a gate..so that won't work either.
He sticks to me like glue right now..as like I said..he is scared. But he will settle and lay at my feet once he knows I am not leaving him.
I cannot just let him out w/ our dogs..as he will not follow them. I have to be beside him..and when he does his business?..it is only maybe 2 ft from me. Wrigley doesn't know what to think of this little intruder....he is VERY jealous
( comes sits on my lap much more..or by his big brother Zeb...;))...but being sweet none the less.
He'll get used to him!
Zeb..he is cool with it...but then he is always cool*...lol. :cool:
The pup did play a little w/ Zeb last night...which was good to see.
Another sad thing...no one has ever played w/ him..as he doesn't know what to do yet. :confused:
He is a smart thing though..as you can tell he wants to please..as he will cock his head to listen. It's just going to take time & work.

I could use any pointers you all have if you have dealt w/ a pup with severe separation anxiety??

...here is the pic. of him....( he needs a name too! )


karen baker
20th October 2012, 06:57 PM
What a wonderful thing you have done Diane!!!. He will have issues for a little while, the good thing is he is still a puppy, when i rescued Sadie, she was so troubled, but she has come on in leaps and bounds, the only advice i can give you, which has helped me is time, love and trust. Sending you all lots of Love and Cuddles for the litle man Karen Ruby and Sadie xxx

20th October 2012, 07:15 PM
so cute!! Just give him time and he will adjust. I would continue to use the crate. Do training during the day so he will get used to it. Start by luring him in with treats and praise. Always leave the door open. After he goes in on his own a few times shut the door and open it quickly. Do this a few times then start adding time to how long you have the door closed on him. Always praise. I bet Karlin has a link to crate training...hopefully she will add it. try not to coddle him. I know he has had a bad start but if you over love on him he will become to attatched to you and not secure on his own.

20th October 2012, 08:35 PM
Well he's only a baby and he's been thur so much. I'm sure its going to take him time to relax. Its going to take more time. I say keep working in crate training try to make his crate a positive place like where he gets a nice kong or his fav treats. I agree not to coddle him. Wrigley will be fine too he's been the household baby and not has middle child syndrome :)

Now as for names (I'm good at this I think)

In no order here's what I think:


I must admit I like Finn the best he looks like a Finn to me and that goes great with Zeb and Wrigley.

20th October 2012, 10:54 PM
Thank you for replying.. I appreciate it. I have been getting some really good advice..and have been working w/ him all day. The crate is open..and I try to entice him w/ a treat..however he's just is too hesitant to even enter. In fact I threw a piece of chicken from my lunch in there..hoping the smell of it would be enough..and > nope. Instead...Zeb went in and grabbed it..hahaha! For now..the crate..or any confined place.. is too scary for him considering what he must of came from. I did just put him and Zeb together in my computer room for a few minutes tho & shut the door. ( Zeb is so laid back..that he would keep the pup calm). There was no whining or scratching at the door for about 2 min's...and then I opened the door. I did hear them both sniffing...but at least that is progress. Going to continue w/ that and increase the time. This is just going to take a lot of patience. Keep praying for me if ya would?...haha*
I am just hoping that we can deal w/ any anxiety issues properly and he realizes people are not going to abandon him.
That he is now safe.
Wrigley?..well..let's just say he will get used to him in time. He isn't being mean or anything..just not real interested in being friends yet. In fact he's rather go dig in the MUD!! Yeah... he's a mud puppy*
( think he gets a bath daily anymore !!!)
and Melissa..thanks for the names. Yes..we are still trying to find the right one that fits him.
I sort of like ABE ( since he has a beard...hehehe) I also like Baxter.
And my hubby likes Bentley. ( he didn't like Lucky..that's what my nephew was calling him)
Gotta start calling him something soon, huh??

21st October 2012, 01:12 AM
Well...it's official. My hubby~Marty & I have prayed about it..Marty said he decided tonight that we are keeping this little labradoodle. He luvs him too. His new name is "JAKE"
...and it just seem the right fit for him. :)
( Marty thought of the name ) in honor of our nephew that found him*

21st October 2012, 01:16 AM
Awww, congrats on your newest fur-baby Jake!!! :)

karen baker
21st October 2012, 11:22 AM
Brilliant news, do you know what Dianne i,am very much a believer in fate and he was brought to you for a reason, you have made a wise decision, and i know he will bring much happiness to you and your family, happy days Jake, your life is just about to begin. Lots of love Karen, Ruby and Sadie xxxx

My Henry Boy
21st October 2012, 03:33 PM
I love Finn, or Finley. It's great that you took him, and I can already see by your posts, he's found his furever home. Congrats on your new addition.

21st October 2012, 04:00 PM
Congratulations on your new addition! :) Jake looks like he has some terrier in him???

21st October 2012, 05:16 PM
Awe..thank you all so much for the encouraging comments.
Jake ( his new name) & Wrigley actually played together for the 1st time this morning...which was wonderful to see.
Zeb has been really good w/ him..'cept he tried to "hump" him. Which was NOT too cool !!.. considering he is 108 lb lab and this little guy is only 26 lbs! :/ Not sure what that was all about. Guess he was letting Jake know he is top dog...
but I let Zeb know..ahh..nope...> I AM !!!

I thought Jake looked like he had more of a terrier face as well...but the Vet said Labradoodle.
I have googled & researched various pic.'s....and he looks like many I have seen. After all...they are not a true breed.
His back ( fluffy & wavy) & tail ( as it curls up) look very much like a Standard poodle. His snout also has the long look like the poodle as well. But I think the hair around his face is sort of a mixture between the poodle & lab....giving him a bit of a terrier look.

21st October 2012, 06:56 PM
Congrats! Jake is a blessed little fellow!

23rd October 2012, 04:56 PM
Just want to share....
Jake is doing quite well considering. He still has seperation issues..but he has taken a few baby steps..and even that is improving. He will now go in and out of his crate ( we leave the door open after we feed him in there.
I have also been practicing leaving him in the bathroom w/ the door shut for few min. intervals..and he is slowly coming around to not whining and scratching at the door right away. It is just going to take time.
Having " standard poodle" in his blood is a plus for him..as he is understanding things quickly.
I also want to share this.... Wrigley has found a new friend. He and Jake run chasing each other and playing now..and it is super cute. Wrigley is sort of the life of the party. He is so feisty that he gets everyone going. He will go grab a toy and entice either Zeb or Jake to chase him. What is funny?...when they are running?....Wrigley is soooo fast..that he can change directions on a dime..and Jake will almost do a somersault to catch up. It is hilarious.
Zeb caught on to that a long time ago...so he just stands and watches. he is still doing the "humping" thing tho. But I believe it is just due to being excited. I try to distract him..and it seems to work.
This is all going to take time ..so I appreciate you keeping me in your thoughts. Jake's separation anxiety is severe..he will not go out to "P" without me. But he will go right away... I just have to stand by him. He being a pup...I think is an advantage for me. He is learning quickly to trust that no one is going to abandon him..and w/ patience and loving reinforcement..he'll learn everything else.
Any suggestions...are appreciated....

23rd October 2012, 06:00 PM
Just read through this thread. Wanted to say I've just gotten a spur of the moment dog also! I heard about a golden who needed a home on another forum, looked into it, and decided to take her if her owner chose me. He did, so I now have two GRs. My family thinks I'm insane, but it's working out very nicely. Bella (new dog) entertains Tucker (first GR in the home) and it takes Tucker's attention off Tess (our Cav who has been with us for years). So far it's a win-win. Bella is very shy and scared of women, but I'm slowly winning her over. She's taken to my daughter quickly. Bella's only been here three days, but we are "packing" into a new family unit quite nicely. :)

Regarding the SA, I think your approach sounds great. I agree with continuing the crate training. He will get used to it eventually. It would help if you would give him his meals, if not inside the crate, just next to it. And keep the other dogs away so he can go into it for hidden treats. Tucker has been humping Bella a bit, too, but she's dealing with it just fine. She's a lot bigger that your pup though! I suspect Zeb is just trying to establish the order of the pack. The huge advantage of SA, FYI, is that teaching recall is a cinch. Tucker has a bit of SA, and when we go to the dog park I never have to go find him to go home. If I get anywhere near the exit, he gets right to me fast as can be. :) And when we go to a large off-leash dog park, he always stays within eyesight of me. I would recommend taking him to puppy kindergarten as soon as you can enroll him.

Congrats on your new addition. You're wonderful to give this little guy a home.

23rd October 2012, 06:23 PM
Sounds like he is fitting in nicely. I am glad to hear he is progressing!