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23rd October 2012, 09:02 PM
We adopted Charlie in mid-January through Cavalier Rescue, so we've had him for nine months now. It took him a month or two to decide to adopt us. :) He had gone from an owner/breeder back to the original owner and to a foster home before we got him, so he was quite skittish and had to be retrained, even though he is now 4 years old. He came to us with SM (I suspect this is why he was given back, but they used a different excuse). After checking around I signed him up as an uninsured individual at Costco and we are able to get his Gabapentin for under $10/month, which is quite a bit less than the prices we were getting elsewhere. He takes his SM well in stride. He stops and scratches and then goes back to playing. He can walk most of the time OK, with spurts of lameness. Being Sea Kayakers we got him a life vest and have taken him for several rides, which he quickly came to enjoy and anticipate as much as riding in the car or going for walks.

When we got him we thought he had a very poor, uneven haircut, so we had him trimmed short. Living in southern Virginia, we then had him trimmed short again for the hot summer. Now that his hair has grown out we realize his hair cut wasn't as strange as we thought. His hair is now quite long on his buttocks, lower sides, front and chest, but it has grown very little on his back. Probable less than an inch long. We've never had a Cavalier before. Is this something anyone else has ever heard of? Will we have to keep him trimmed fairly short all over just to keep him even, or is there something that can be done to have his hair start growing? Any suggestions will be well received.