View Full Version : Unexpected behaviour

10th November 2012, 01:43 PM
Max, my Brussels Griffon, jumped on my lap while Charlie was out of the room.
So Charlie returned, observing Max on my lap.
So he used his front paws to pull a toy from under a piece of furniture. This immediately took Max's attention and he jumped down to investigate. Charlie surrendered the toy and took, to him, his rightful place on my lap.
Slometimes I just can't explain my dogs.

10th November 2012, 03:06 PM

Coincidence though -- that would be a pretty complex bit of reasoning and beyond dogs. :) I think Charlie decided to focus on something else and noticed the toy -- when it tuned out Max would leave your lap to check out the toy as well that gave Charlie the opportunity to retake the lap. :lol: Jaspar has done similar here if any of the others give up either my lap or the place next to me. Your lap is obviously the most valued spot for Charlie! :D

10th November 2012, 07:17 PM
Oh, believe me, some are smart enough to plot that. I have had it happen more than once, and it was definitely on purpose! lol Our Cardi used to like to sneak off to my parents' neighbors' house when we would visit them and be outside- he would line himself up so we couldn't see him behind a telephone pole, and walk slowly (and quietly- no jingling tags) away towards the path through the woods, and suddenly, gone! We couldn't figure out for a long time how we consistantly kept losing him so quickly- then a couple of times we finally saw him- he would turn his head and check to make sure he was still out of the line of sight, course correct, and continue, slowly, quietly on his way...and we couldn't see him at all until he turned his head...