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17th November 2012, 02:05 PM
Today I am going to a show where they are having a health clinic. I am mainly going to have his heart checked (asculation only since so far vet has not heard murmur). The cardiologist is the same one I am going with my friend on Tuesday with her cavalier who I've been talking about with MVD.

I know these clinics are mainly for breeder's and CERF certifications etc. but pet owners can take advantage. They are having standard testing, eyes, BAER, hips, patellas etc. and microchips. Elton gets regular vet checks but should I get his hips and patellas checked? I had the vet check last time but what would you do? I think his hearing is fine and eyes are too except an ulceration (I think) hes had it since I got him and vet said its fine.

Just want make the most of our trip.

17th November 2012, 05:48 PM
... Elton gets regular vet checks but should I get his hips and patellas checked? I had the vet check last time but what would you do? ...

We get our cavaliers' hips x-rayed at age 2 years, using OFA's x-ray standards. Most of the health clinics which offer hip x-rays follow the OFA standard. A better standard is the PennHip, but that requires anesthesia. For pet owners, it is not necessary to submit hip x-rays to OFA for analysis and a rating. But, if pet cavaliers are in the blood lines of current breeding stock, it would be helpful to the breeders to know the OFA ratings the pets' hips have. Once a cavalier's hips are x-rayed at or after age 2 years, it is not necessary to x-ray them for dysplasia again.

Patellas are easy to check and rate, and I would do it just to know if there is a potential for a future disability. If you know your cavalier has a weak knee, you can deal with it using supplements and also avoid excessive stress on the knees.

18th November 2012, 04:22 AM
Any vet can do a patella check, it is very easy...you can even learn to do it yourself. I wouldn't spend money on hips unless he has mobility issues. My rottweiler was hip graded at age 2 because he was a show dog. He has mild hip dysplasia and it doesn't cause him any problems (he is 7 now). Knowing he has HD hasn't change anything in his daily care. One easy way to avoid hip pain is keeping weight down and I keep my dogs thin anyway. When he start to show symptoms we will have the vet evaluate him just the same as any health issue my dogs might have.

Eyes and hearing might be beneficial for you. I am thinking about having my boston terrier's eyes done just because the breed has eye problems. It might be helpful to know if her eyes are normal or not. I guess it really depends on you, why do you need to know and what will you do with the information. Just because you can get it done doesn't mean you need to.