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21st November 2012, 02:06 PM
Hi everyone, with the terrible news of the Jack Russell biting and killing an 8 day old baby in Telford, does anyone have any advise on how best to introduce my charlie (blenheim) and Max (tri) to the new baby coming to live with us soon. I have heard that its unwise to have squeaky toys around. Any advise would be a help.

21st November 2012, 02:42 PM
One word SUPERVISION!!! Never leave a dog and a child alone even for a second. I brought home a puppy with a 4 year old in my house, it was a lot of extra work to "train" my kids on puppy rules and my puppy on kid rules and it is still on-going... For bring home a new baby its a little different. I like the idea of having someone bring home a blanket the baby was wrapped in before you get home. I think the worst part is leaving the dogs for a day or two and getting them out of their normal schedule, so I think you need to work on a good plan for who will be taking care of the dogs. Also remember newborns are pretty boring to a dog, other than making weird sounds and taking up Mommy and Daddy's laps and time. So make sure to include your dogs.

Another good tip I think is to go ahead and set out the baby things. Sure you have a nursery going allow the dogs in there. Personally, I always set up a swing, one of those buzzy seats, and a cradle in our living room since that is were we spend most of our first 6 weeks. I will never forget it, when Mr. Monster was born Eddie (our poodle) was scared to death of the swing it was moving!!!!!!!! So try to get your dogs used to those types of things now.

As I type this now my 4 year old is laying on the sofa with Fletcher sleeping on top of him!!!! They are very happy together. If you commit yourself to making this work it will, but it does require some extra training and planning on your part.

21st November 2012, 07:07 PM
I've got loads of information on kids, babies and cavaliers in a thread pinned at the top of the training section -- should give you every answer you need but as noted the number one thing is constant supervision -- no dog should ever be left alone with a baby or young children nor vice versa or further than arm's reach -- to prevent injury and accidents on either side. :thmbsup: Lots you can do to prepare dogs for the happy arrival! Just check out the thread.