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24th November 2012, 11:10 PM
Last night my husband and I pulled out the Christmas tree and got it put together. I'm crazy and own a 12 foot fake pre-lit tree it takes sooooo long to get it up we do it AFTER bedtime just so the kids are not bugging us to hurry up. As always Fletcher was VERY interested in what we were doing. He was sniffing the box and I was prepared not to have a tree skirt this year because as many of you know Fletcher loves to eat fabric so I was ready for that. I also went out and bought some of that bitter spray that is to keep dogs from chewing things because I could not think of any other way to keep Fletcher and the tree safe.
So Fletcher was all about the tree until we plugged it in................he ran away whining!!!!!!!! At first I thought maybe he somehow got hurt so I went over to him he was all over me like HELP MOMMY. My husband and I were very puzzled. He calmed down quickly as soon as I took him into the kitchen. My husband unplugged the tree and started to clean up. I took Fletcher outside to potty he was completely normal then we went back in the living room. He was VERY slow to approach the tree (unlit) that got me thinking. He afraid of the tree lights. To test this theory, I walked over at hit the switch to the lights....................exact same reaction!!!!!!!!!!!! Fletcher is afraid of the lights in the freaking TREE:yikes Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to just leave it off for now (its not done no ointments) We are going to decorate it tomorrow. I am hoping he will get used to it being up unlit first then maybe try the lights in the daytime? Here I am thinking how am I going to keep the dog from eating the Christmas tree and now he's afraid of it.

Totally funny, this puppy keeps me on my toes at all times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25th November 2012, 12:15 AM
Very cute! Fletcher is such a character!

25th November 2012, 12:46 AM
Very funny! You just never know what is going to spook a puppy. :D

You might want to put an x-pen around the base of the tree if he overcomes his fear of the lights! Then you can put down your tree skirt. :)

Sydneys Mom
25th November 2012, 01:28 AM
Very cute! Fletcher is such a character!

I agree! Love your stories about him. My guess is that he will get use to the lights and that's when the fun will really begin!

25th November 2012, 01:43 AM
I bought dark green fine netting (at Hobby Lobby) and wrapped it around the bottom 4 feet of our tree, and gathered it around the "trunk" after I decorated it. I used a stapler to hold it together on the backside where the netting came together, lol. Worked like a charm, and I've used it for a toddler, a 1 year old boxer, a Cavalier puppy and this year I'm thinking I will probably put it up for Emma. I was concerned that I wouldn't hear her if she decided to go after one of the ornament despite the netting, but the big jingle bells I had on the tree would jingle any time someone bothered the netting!:p

It's probably too late for your tree this year ;) , but I have seen some pictures on Pinterest where people have bought the really big planters and set up their artificial trees in it instead of a tree skirt. Nice planter, pretty bow (sprayed with bitter apple? haha)...they looked GREAT :) . Now you have a year to find a nice one on clearance, lol ;).

Super Princess
25th November 2012, 02:47 AM
hahahhahaha aweeeee poor little fletcher!!!!!

my place is too small for my real(fake) christmas tree..but even if it was..my younger cat would have it on the floor in 2 seconds flat.
my mum got us a charlie brown christmas tree...with music and all! ;) lol

25th November 2012, 03:13 PM
This will be the first Christmas tree Bentley has encountered even though he's almost 2 years old. We did not decorate at all last year due to our daughter's passing away on Dec 22, 2011. It'll be difficult again this year but we have to start sometime! Bentley's pretty good about responding to No-No! so I'm not terribly concerned. As for bitter apple--I paid a hefty price for a bottle of that stuff and it didn't faze him at all concerning chewing furniture, area rugs, etc. Thankfully, he's past that stage and hubby can get everything refinished. HOWEVER, now the shedding has returned with a vengeance!

Lady Hoop
25th November 2012, 03:43 PM
Oh Melissa this CRACKED me up! I love that you were happy he was frightened of it -- I am hoping Lady will be scared, too! HAHA! We are probably getting our tree today. I will have to repost how this goes. Oh boy!

26th November 2012, 01:23 AM
Update: We decorated the tree this morning, then lit it up during the day Fletcher was still scared but he did not freak out. This evening the tree is still lit up and he is happily in the same room with it chewing a brand new bully stick. "Someone" felt bad for him and thought a little early gift under the scary tree might help. He grabbed the thing and ran off hahahaaaa no way he's going to let a few hundred lights stop him from such a great treat.

I really don't care too much about not having a tree skirt, its made of felt and would only be a dog hair magnet anyway. I am also prepared to put the xpen around the tree IF I have to.............but honestly I would hate to do that. I have some tree decorations that are VERY special to me, ones from my Grandparents tree, my glass Disney ones, and a few others but most of the things are "kid friendly" I generally do not have a look but don't touch tree. Hello I know the kids are going to touch so I just make sure to put my special things out of reach, one of the reasons I have such a tall tree.

I know this fear of the tree will not last its was just so funny how he reacted.... Fletcher is really just like another child.

Lady Hoop
5th December 2012, 02:12 AM
The verdict is in...our tree is up...and Lady is un-phased. She could care less about it! cl*p