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29th November 2012, 02:19 PM
Hi! My name is Nadine. I am 25 years old. I live in michigan with my Dad, twin sister Natalie, and her three dogs: Dakoda (8 year old golden retriever), Sadie (6 year old shih-tzu), and Tucker (7 year old Pomeranian). I worked in boarding kennels from when I was 18 till 25. This was when I was first introduced to Cavaliers and I feel in love!! I had a boston terrier mix name Harwell, but when my boyfriend broke up with me in september we tried sharing custody, but it wasn't working for him and he stopped letting me see her. I am heart broken. I spent too many nights crying about missing my dog (even more sad than I was about getting dumped). So i decided to finally get my dream dog!! I spent a month researching and looking for breeders! I finally found a great breeder and she had the puppy I always wanted. A little blenheim girl! I pick her up this saturday and I am so excited!!! I might even cry when I first see her! Haha. Here is a little more information about my cavalier and how I will raise her.

Her name is....... GINNY!!!

Blenheim female. Came from a litter of four. Her mother is a tri and her father is a blenheim. She has a tricolor brother, blenheim sister, and I am not sure about the fourth. She will be 10/11 weeks when I get her.

Her parents both have health clearance papers for heart and eyes.

Limited AKC registration.

She has an inverted vulva and an umbilical hernia. Breeder says that I have to let her go through her first heat, and the vulva will hopefully pop out. I am not looking forward to that part!!

She will be crate trained while I am out of the house. I have always let my dogs sleep with me, so she will be in the bed too as long as she is not going potty in the night (I hope I will wake up if she moves around and I can rush her outside to potty)

I am nervous about getting her a couple weeks older than 8 weeks and I hope that I can still make the most of the time left to socialize her!

She will be starting AKC Star Puppy training in late January (6 week class). I will then enroll her in obedience training and I would love to do agility or rally with her!

The breeder is feeding the puppies Eukanuba puppy and I will be switching her over to Wellness Core. I also plan on adding plain organic yogurt to her meals. I also want to use apples and carrots as treats.

I am sure there is a lot more that I want to say but I will stop at this! I have do so much reading on this forum and I look forward to sharing Ginny's growth with everyone!!!