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5th December 2012, 01:48 PM
Sunday, Elton had extreme diarrhea and I thought it could be a bug so I was going to see if it continued. Yesterday morning his poop was fine. Then I came home and there was a mound of liquid poop with bright red blood. Elton never has accidents.

I have not made any changes to his diet. This morning he hasn't had any bowel movements. I made an appointment awhile ago for this holistic vet who was highly recommended both traditional and holistic trained. The appointment is for full evaluation and is 2 hours.

The continued diarriea is bothersome. He has been drinking fine and no other signs of pain or changes. I am at work now and will go home for lunch to see if any changes. I don't know if he should go to regular vet, wait to see improvement in poop today, wait until Friday???

5th December 2012, 01:54 PM
I'm actually going to see regular vet at 5:30 today. I think I would rather be safe. I'm not sure if all the strain from going to the bathroom has caused irritation? This stuff always scares me

Sydneys Mom
5th December 2012, 02:20 PM
Poor Elton (and you who has to clean it up). Your right to go to the vet. If you can get a sample, bring that with you. Hope he feels better soon. Keep us updated.

5th December 2012, 04:47 PM
awww, poor boy. I hope he gets feeling better!

5th December 2012, 05:51 PM
I hope he feels better soon. Has he been under any stress lately? My Tess gets occasional bloody diarrhea when things are going on in her life (moving, etc,). The first time I panicked but the vet said it was not unusual. She said probiotics are helpful sometimes. You might want to add your vet about getting some of those, or if you can give Elton some yogurt with active yeast in it.

7th December 2012, 01:17 AM
Anne, what is the latest word about Elton?

7th December 2012, 03:34 AM
Anne, what is the latest word about Elton?

He is doing much better. The vet did a fecal exam and no parasites or bacteria (whatever they look for). They did give him a probiotic and something else to help. She doesn't think obstruction because of no vomiting, no other changes in behavior, and didn't see any abdominal pain.

Today he had a normal bowel movement. Really don't know why but going to the holistic vet tomorrow. I feel good about that. I just always get scared its an obstruction or something.

Thanks for asking

8th December 2012, 01:33 PM
My Ebony & Harley had it for 10 weeks. No diahria but straining with spots of blood in the poo. Done the poo tests but nothing. Even chicken & rice or white boiled fish & rice didn't help. In the end I had to feed the vets presciption diet sience hill id gastric. That finally cleared it up. Sometimes the vets don't even know what it is or coursed it. My vet said that they might have eaten something while on a walk but mine stay on the lead so i knew it wasn't that. Hope Elton is better soon.