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Super Princess
5th December 2012, 08:36 PM
Has anyone else seen these?

Ive been taking maggie outside to go potty and she wants to play..but its 'buisness' time first. (shes on a leash and harness because my landlords yard isnt fenced)
she throws these little hissy fits because i wont let her go play untill after.
its kinda the funniest thing in the world..but its also frusterating because iknow she has to go!

tips and tricks?
do you go back inside for 5 and try it again? or stand there untilll she goes (knowing better hten she dose that she HAS to go)

6th December 2012, 02:28 AM
Sounds like she is not leash or harness trained. Its no big deal she's just a baby. I used to have Fletcher wear his harness whenever he was not in his crate or xpen area. I also had a short leash I would let him drag around during playtime. It was really hard to get Mr. Monster to leave the leash alone. Something that I also think helped was assigning him a "potty area" I did this at the childcare center because even tho he had his own playground it was better clean up wise to get him to potty on the leash on the way to his fenced in area. Try taking a used wee pad outside to let her know this is your area....it might help.

Kate H
6th December 2012, 06:45 PM
It's probably just a matter of waiting till she goes - and then giving her a super treat as a reward. She'll make the connection! My two, aged 11 and 5, still get a little treat when they come back in from doing their business in the garden - very encouraging when it's cold, wet and dark outside!

Kate, Oliver and Aled

6th December 2012, 08:15 PM
I had the exact same issue with Bosco (who turned 1 in August). I would take him in the yard with a lead, and he would turn into "Mr. Super Happy Puppy" and jump and play. I found I was most successful by standing my ground patiently, refusing to look at him or play, and would say, "potty". If I was lucky enough that he did his business I would say, "good Potty" and give a reward. If he didn't go, and I was losing patience (it is a little frustrating!), I would take him inside, put him in his pen, and wait 10 -15 minutes and try again. Eventually, he understand what going out in the yard was all about. And yes --- I also continue to give treats when he goes.

Good luck!


Super Princess
8th December 2012, 06:03 AM
If he didn't go, and I was losing patience (it is a little frustrating!), I would take him inside, put him in his pen, and wait 10 -15 minutes and try again.

this is exzactly what i did (twice) the other night. mostly because i was in the middle of dinner ..it was getting cold and i was getting frusterated because i KNEW she had to go (she had just eaten 10 minutes before i tried to take her out the 1st time.) so i went to get her after the 2nd time i put her in her crate (not the kennel just hte crate with a puppy pad) and she had gone a few times. *rolly eyes* lol

shes doing okay at home atm tantrums have been less.. and she always gets lots of praise and a few pieces of kibble (i havnt introduced her to treats yet but hte kibble is a hit)
its now when we are over at my parents/grandparents houses.. i dont know if she just wants to play..different peope..different place..different leafs..THAT is frusterating..cause i know she has to go..and she wont go..she tantrums there a bit because she dosnt WANT to .
other night i stood outside with her 15 minutes before getting frusterated and going in..we went to go home..and i live 3 min drive..she peed in her bed on the way home. :S

8th December 2012, 12:04 PM
Are you using Ian Dunbar's After You Get Your Puppy?

It will take you through all of this.


The problem at a different home is what you guess -- she isn't familiar with this place and doesn't recongise it easily as a place to go.

Housetraining generally takes months -- and needs a lot of patience. :)

Leave a bit of feces in the place you want her to go -- helps her re-recognise it each time.

9th December 2012, 02:03 PM
I have to say that it took almost a year for Bosco to be fully trained. I have two Japanese Chin and they were trained within a month. What can i say?? I love Bosco dearly, but while potty training was high on my priority list, it was not on his! Patience is key, and Maggie will get there!


9th December 2012, 04:41 PM
but while potty training was high on my priority list, it was not on his!


10th December 2012, 02:15 AM
That is funny now but I'm sure it wasn't at the time. I can personally attest to the Dunbar puppy training thing....I was able to get Fletcher accident free (except when we had the hurricane) before he was 5 months old. Touch wood he has not had a potty in the house since the hurricane in what October?

10th December 2012, 03:08 AM
We rent a house on a cul de sac that is unfenced except in the back. When we adopted Charlie last January I took a month or two to take him out on leash and trained him to the borders of the yard when I'd take him out for potty. He was the same way, nev Ioer wanting to go. But when he did go he'd get lots of positive reinforcement. But once I started keying him go off leash, he started going potty much more quickly. Being master pleasing, compliant dogs as a breed, Charlie has seldom left his boundries and has returned on command.

18th December 2012, 05:32 PM
If you're able to put her on a longer leash and leave her alone/ignore her. I found that if I focused on the puppy too much, it was too much pressure! :sl*p: Also if you're not paying attention to her she wont think you're trying to play and she'll just sniff around and get to her business :).