View Full Version : Fletcher and the Bedtime Problem. Suggestions?

7th December 2012, 07:11 PM
So we are having a new bedtime problem with Fletcher no not getting him to go to bed but getting him to let Mr. Monster (my son) go to bed. Here's what happens.....

Mr. Monster goes to takes a bed every night at 8 p.m. His bedroom and all the kids are off limits to Fletcher, before we got him we installed a nice gate in the hallway leading to their rooms. So its time for bed, Mr. Monster gives Fletcher a kiss and treat before he goes then my husband usually goes to tuck little boy to bed. Two weeks ago Fletcher was outsmarting my husband and sneaking past him thur the gate to go to bed with Mr. Monster. He would have to bring Fletcher back out.........and it kinda messed up the flow of bedtime. I will be the first to admit my son is a brat, my husband is a softy and ANY little change in routine can throw off the balance and "mess up" bedtime. Alright so after Fletcher got his Mr. Monster kisses and treat we put him outside until the kid was in bed. Well, Fletcher the smarty-pants started coming in and barking and barking at the gate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, no. I tried the whole treat machine thing to distract him but clearly he does not want his favorite playmate to go to bed. After a few nights of treats for not barking that has stopped however now he is still scratching at the gate NICE. I tried taking Fletcher out for a quick walk at bedtime but Mr. Monster doesn't like that (he's got this weird thing going on now about being left, I'm guessing its about starting school???) one problem after another...... that's where we are now. Fletcher has never been interested in kongs, I wish but he loves bully sticks should I give that a try??? Is it alright for him to have a bully stick daily for about 30-45 mins. Should we try moving Fletcher's crate into Mr. Monster's room? That is what my husband wants to do but I'm sure if we did that we would find our son letting him out and hello its a 4 year old's bedroom toys everywhere and NOT at all puppy proof. If Fletcher wanted to go in one of the teenagers rooms this would be easier but not the 4 year old.

Anyway, bedtime with this child has never been easy!!!!! Now my sweet little Fletcher is helping cause problems. I realize we could have bigger problems IF the dog and little kid didn't get along so I'm grateful for having "they love each other too much" problem but still...........any ideas?

Thank you!!!!!!!!

8th December 2012, 07:01 AM
Perhaps you should just change the bedtime flow. Have little man put Fletcher into his crate, then go to bed. Can Fletcher go to bed at the same time?

8th December 2012, 11:59 AM
Given your past experience with him eating things. Fletcher is def safer out of a 4 year old's room. Of course son will let him out -- I regularly snuck the cat in off the roof outside my room when I was in high school to sleep in my bedroom! :lol: The temptation will be too strong and a 4 year old does;t have much self control about such things (much less a high school student...:D).

He's surely barking to be with all the activity more than with any single person I think. Plus he is getting lots of attention for all this behaviour regardless of whether he gets upstairs or not -- all very rewarding to him. Treats, attention, time in bed with son, lots of interaction, what's not to like for a dog? Many learn to be as annoying as possible whenever owner is on a phonecall because the behaviour gets appeased in so many rewarding ways (Jaspar used to be like this!).

I'd put him in his crate in a room well away and closed off from all this activity, with a chew that will keep him busy. Cover the crate with a blanket. And just ignore barking or any attention seeking behaviour.

PS Many dogs need time to figure out and get interested in a kong -- almost all will love them. A frozen prepared kong at this time in hiscrate might be just the thing (eg stuffed with a bit of kibble or carrot, then mashed banana or some yoghurt and mashed banana and frozen, or try a kong stuffing paste). Bet he will figure it out over a few days or a week or two.

10th December 2012, 03:43 PM
hahah, poor Fletcher and poor Mr.Monster, all they want are some bed time cuddles :-D. I have no advice but good luck. Its so cute they have such a bond.

10th December 2012, 11:27 PM
Well my husband has "solved" the problem for now. After he tucks Mr. Monster into bed he has been moving a big comfy chair in front of the gate is sitting there guarding the gate :-D Fletcher seems pretty happy to cuddle with Daddy instead but I have to tell you they look pretty funny. If I had it MY way me Fletcher and Mr. Monster would all go to bed at 8 pm together in my bed :w**h**:Personally I think there is nothing sweeter in life then waking up to your kids feet in your face and sharing a pillow with a dog. But I know that's not really good for my marriage, or my son. So for now my husband is rearranging the furniture nightly.

11th December 2012, 12:58 AM
Actually, Bentley in the bed is easier/better than when we were raising our family and had the occasional girl in our bed. However, I think the real difference is that in those days we had a double bed and now we have a king size! Plenty of room! (And besides, we're in our 70s now) ha.