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12th December 2012, 09:03 AM
She was spayed on Monday, and from a wound perspective all is going well, however this morning she has bloody diarrhoea and has been sick once. I suspect it's the carprieve, which is an anti-inflammatory, but am taking her back to see the vet at 11:40 just to make sure. OH, always a worrier, asked if they could have nicked her bowel during the op. Possible I suppose, but more likely that it's the tablets I think. Still, better to get her checked out - poor little mite.

12th December 2012, 01:21 PM
Just got back, we saw the senior partner who examined her thoroughly. Colon is inflammed and he thinks a definite reaction to the carprieve, so there is a note on her records now that she isn't to have anti-inflammatories. I just hope she never needs them.
She's had an antacid injection (zantac) and has metronidazole for 7 days. Poor little thing is sound asleep now. I've had three changes of clothes today as it was running from her everytime I picked her up to take her into the garden. Yuk. And all the dog blankets are being washed as she has manged to get some on all of those.

Love my Cavaliers
12th December 2012, 01:46 PM
Poor Rosie and poor you. Not fair when she's feeling down from getting spayed to have tummy problems on top of it. Hopefully the zantac and flagyl will take care of it. And hopefully no more poopy laundry for you!

12th December 2012, 06:04 PM
Poor Rosie. Bad enough getting spayed, but to have an inflamed bowel straight after is an awful lot to put up with.

Hope it does all come out in the wash. If not, try soaking in BioTex to get rid of stains. You can get it at Wilkinsons.

12th December 2012, 09:03 PM
Im so sorry to hear about Rosie, what a turn of events, as if she hasn't already been through enough. Jazz is on Rimadyl and I'm pleased to say I've not noticed any negative side effects, and mercifully she doesn't appear to be in any pain - I'm having a job trying to stop her jumping on our laps!

i do hope Rosie is better very soon, keep us posted.

12th December 2012, 09:53 PM
Thank-you for your replies.
Rosie still has watery poo, but no blood now. Also she's going much less frequently and has started to drink again (that was the bit that was worrying me, although the vets were on standby to admit her and put her on a drip if necessary). She seems to feel a lot better in herself as well.

Thanks for the tip about BioTex Flo, luckily everything has washed out ok so I didn't need to go and get any.

Nicki I'm glad Jazz is ok, Rosie is the first dog i've had that has reacted to anti-inflammatories this way, Maddie and Pippin were ok when they had them after neutering. Luckily Rosie doesn't seem in too much pain from her surgery so we're ok without the carprieve. I'm sure tomorrow I'll be having the same problem as you - trying to stop her jumping onto our laps.