View Full Version : nipping and chewing

Super Princess
14th December 2012, 03:17 AM
How do you handle puppy nipping..she nips on fingers and hands...and that has to stop.

ive seen a youtube video saying "OUCH" really loud in a puppy tone (as if its a litter mate yalping) ..it worked the first night. i tried it..made her feel mopy and sad.. but now it has no effect.

14th December 2012, 09:48 AM
With Guinness I would yelp and then remove myself from playing with him. There was one time he really got me and I yelped, and then went and sat in the corner and carried on whimpering for a while (completely ignoring him). I think that really scared him, because he treats me like I'm a huge wimp now, and usually won't even climb on me at all. Although after 3 years he is finally starting to realize he won't squish me.

But when play gets to that point it's often a good time to take a potty break anyway.

18th December 2012, 05:28 PM
I find yelping works the best. My problem was that when Lady was a puppy my family (and myself too, GUILTY!) would let her mouth since her tiny teeth were hardly noticeable. TERRIBLE IDEA! Work on it from the very start before the teeth start leaving marks! Yelp and replace your skin with a toy for positive reinforcement. A little touch/push might work as well just to get her attention if shes already ignoring it, similar to how another dog would react if they didnt like the way they were being treated.