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Kate H
14th December 2012, 10:03 PM
Please can I say again what I say from time to time - could people put their country at the top of their posts? If someone needs information, it's difficult to recommend a neurologist, for example, if you don't know whether they are living in the UK, the US, Denmark, France or Timbuctoo! The dog foods available in the US and the UK are different, as are the names of drugs. I know not everyone is comfortable with putting the name of their town, but the country really does make things easier!


Kate, Oliver and Aled

14th December 2012, 10:18 PM
People can put that information either into their personal information so it goes at the top right of each post in the band across the top, or in their signature (you can create a sig that goes at the bottom of each post).

I agree that it is very helpful to at least have a country as it really limits or delays the helpful information others can give, especially when people make a post asking for help on a health issue or a training issue and need some kind of referral to a professional :thmbsup:

Also others really enjoy having some idea where members are located even if only in a very general sense!