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23rd December 2012, 09:27 PM
Hi all! (And merry Christmas!) I haven't really been in here since I first posted 2 years ago after the arrival of my two beautiful cavs brother and sister fifi and Rex

I love them so much and treat them like my own children they are in general good health however Rex has already had knee displasia in both knees so he has had both pinned :( (a very big op and very distressing)

the latest op was 6 months ago and we thought tht he had recovered well as he did from the first op on his other knee however today I had such a shock when my husband noticed a huge bubble like 'cyst' on his knee cap (literally appeared over night!) he isn't in any pain with it and is walking fine but I'm so worried! We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning first thing but just to put My mind at rest tonight jut wondered I anyone's cav has had the same problem? After all the trouble he's had I'm so worried that it is infected or worse! :( he's been through enough already!
I'd really appreciate some advice thanks guys!

karen baker
23rd December 2012, 10:06 PM
Hi there, so sorry to hear about Rex, My Ruby was operated on as a pup with luxating patella, (Slipping Kneecaps) as you said both knees were pinned, it was a successful, initially i thought it could be a haematoma, with rex, but then you said it was 6 months ago, i really don,t think it is anything much to worry about, maybe something like a bakers cyst? Especially as it does,nt seem to be bothering him, but i think your wise to take him to the vet, please let us know how he gets on, i know its worrying, but try to be positive. Karen,Ruby and Sadie x

24th December 2012, 11:14 AM
Maybe fluid on the knee? I've had this develop due to inflammation in the joint and it can come up and then go down very quickly. If that's what it is, I suspect they will prescribe crate rest and NSAIDS or prednisone to get the swelling/cyst down and rest the joint. Sometimes unfortunately the patella surgery is not successful however and needs to be redone or just has to be left. I am sure your vet will have a good idea of what is going on and hopefully it is something simple that a bit of rest and meds can address. :flwr:

24th December 2012, 08:47 PM
I would guess fluid on the knee also... How did the vet visit go? Hope you come back and let us know.