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24th December 2012, 03:57 PM

Does anyone have experience using winter booties for their dogs? I think they look kind of ridiculous, but the girls get quite irritated getting ice chunks stuck in their paws every 5 feet! The ones I ordered are Duggz Petlife shearling boots:

But I am having a REALLY difficult time getting them on their paws, and them leaving them on!! Suffice to say we actually havent tested them outdoors because we havent gotten that far with them on.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

24th December 2012, 07:32 PM
I don't have any suggestions but to keep trying. My knee jerk reply was move to a warmer place HAHAHAAAA I hate the cold and I especially hate snow...I'm much more of a summer girl. I could never live somewhere with any "normal" snowfall. It does snow here about every other or every third winter and it that its an inch or 2. Even when I was a kid and we got a very rare snow day I would stay inside all day. Maybe instead of boots you might want to try trimming up their feet hoping less hair will pick up less ice.

24th December 2012, 07:46 PM
Muttluks is the brand I always heard was great. I got them though and thought they were too much trouble though. and Lucky walked around like a Clydesdale when he wore them.

You could try Pawz disposable booties. I have used them with good success as has my sister. For a budget, get balloons at the dollar store, snip off the bottom part (where it's rolled up), and then put those on their feet. Voila! Instant booties. And if you do multi-colored, you get a party too. :) But just be careful to take off as soon as you get inside so you don't end up having them get chewed off and swallowed. Not really an issue while you are walking but you need to supervise wearing of any booties, really.

24th December 2012, 10:22 PM
My knee jerk reply was move to a warmer place HAHAHAAAA

cl*pOh how I would LOVE the option to move some place warmer!!! Unfortunately I never want to live anywhere but Canada - and the closest we get here to no snow is Vancouver, which is rain all the time! I cant decide which is worse :shifty:. Dominican in february!!!!

I've seen the balloon-like ones and I think I'll return the other ones and give those a try! They look easier to deal with and I've seen quite a few people in my area with them.

26th December 2012, 02:22 PM
Luke always wears boots in the snow, because he gets little snowballs in his feet. If they're the right size, they usually stay on pretty well. He didn't mind them after the first time he wore them. I had bought him a new pair this year because I couldn't find his old ones, but I put them in the wash and can't find all of them anymore.