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Super Princess
27th December 2012, 06:09 AM
I have to tell you this story.

We went to my aunts house on the mainland for christmas. our whole family gets together every year..aunts cousins grandparetns ets.
So Maggie of course was coming..and everyone was so excited to meet her.
I was a little nervous..because it was outa routine..shes not potty trained yet.. and so far our bedtime routine ..she has a kennel inside her crate..however i have been leaving hte kennel open and she has full access to the rest of the crate. (she sometimes chooses to sleep in the dog bed instead..sometimes she'll play quietly etc)

as anyone can guess she was quite the 'rock star' as my dad put it. EVERYONE loved her. EVERYONE wanted to hold her..and take pictures with her.

she was SO SO SO well behaved..for the majoirty of the time she slept quietly in peoples laps or sat quietly.
i didnt really want her loose in the house..too many things to get into..i didnt want her having accidents (she WONT EVER go on someones lap) and really..if someone put her down someone else wanted her anyways.
so that was fine.

Maggie and i got to sleep in the playroom as theres a door leading outside..easy access at night. She was NOT pleased to be put in her crate for bed time as i got ready.. i have never heard her cry so loud (she has a cry..a quiet i dont want to be in here cry) this was a more scared dont leave me mommy i dont want to be here come back cry. LOUD)

i wanted to set my alarm for 4 am..which is the time i think she 'goes' (i have a pee pad in her crate at night at home..may or may not be the best thing HOWEVER.. experiance with her has told..as most dog owners say'they wont go in their bed' this one..has no shame..she HAS gone in her kennelbed severla times if shes in there..never asks to go otu (never whines or anything :S )
anywas.. off track.

i didnt end up setting my alarm after all..i wake up several times during hte night i figured id hit the 4 am pretty close.
3:58 i woke up (pretty good hey!) so i took her out..she did her buisness and we went back to her dry kennel. i was so excited at this point. unfortuantlly between my excitement and my chronic insomnia..this didnt end up so well.. i ended up with a total of 3 hours sleep..as she slept all night peacfully..and dry. figures ;)

anyways.. like i say big hit .
she slept most of xmas day.. but became active right as we sat down for dinner.
so i took her down ..emptied her and put her in her crate while we ate.
i came back after we ate..got her..headed upstairs.
went down for something and was hit with this horrible stench when i got to our room.
I know she's a puppy..i know they have accidents and usually its no big deal..but this..infront of everyone..one of my worst fears of the weekend

i went to investigate.. checked her crate..it felt a LITTLE damp (i mean a nothing kinda damp) but i headed upstairs to get my mums advice and help me with the stench.
she was kinda grumpy..but helped me throw it in the wash..and ordered me to air out hte room..sitting by the door about 10 or 15 minutes(freezing) while it aired out..then i sprayed air conditioner and it smelt fine again.
brought her down a little while later to empty her..but hte stench was so bad it was now in the enterence way to the house.
what the heck was going on?
i started looking around for an accident she mighta done earlier (althoug again..she had almost no floor time..not even superivized.)but i couldnt find anything.. I left hte door open as i went to empty her..to which this drew the attention of my aunt and cousin
finally my cousin goes

"chelsea..that smell isn't your dog..its the turkey..we put it in the fridge"(in the daycare)
so i was feeling better..but i tell you this room STUNK to high heavens.
i told my mum..then a wihle later after much of the others had headed home i told mum "that smell is so bad im going to sleep on your floor tonight"

..nothing will get your mum on her feet to investigate like a sentence like that! lol
she and my aunt headed down to see WHY it was SO bad

wanna know why?

Because my cousins..put hte leftover turkey in the fridge..with no lid covering it.. and left the door open.

well. i tell you turkey might smell amazing when cooking..but the aftermath ..aint so pretty. my aunt was gagging.


now lastnight although i took her out at 11 when i went to bed..2 when i was still awake with my insomnia..6 when i woke up..and 8:50 when i finally got up.. she had an accident at some point..only accident of the weekend..a little poop in her kennel..never said anything..asked to be out or anything. but again no big deal. and it DID NOT stink the place up like the damn turkey.

27th December 2012, 08:29 AM
Wow what a tale of woe, plus a wee bit of confusion :w**h**:

Glad it all turned out to be the turkey though. I think Maggie did very well when you think of her not yet being fully potty trained and staying in a strange place with all those new people for the holidays. Give her encouraging kisses and hugs from me please.

Next year will be much better.

27th December 2012, 08:40 AM
That's very funny! After all that, it wasn't even little Maggie. I hope all the food in the fridge didn't go bad!

Super Princess
27th December 2012, 09:36 AM
Oh se did amazing. I'm so proud
Of her. Outa routine. A new plae. Strange people and she was an angel.
My dad was also raving about how well she did.
She is absolutely amazing. And I'm so glad she was with me.
I think back to Christmas Eve 2011 and how sad I was.
Fighting back tears all night because Christmas 2010 was fresh in my
Head. We knew 2010 would be our last with Oliver.

This year, I am so blessed!!:D

28th December 2012, 02:08 PM
Great Christmas story, needed a smile, thanks.