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Super Princess
27th December 2012, 09:42 AM
I decided it was bed time. Exhausted after a busy few days. And after she was empty, I placed Maggie in her crate and did out bedtime routine.
Except she was going ballistic. Frantic. Barking, crying loudly, jumping.
Even when she tantrums it's never been that bad. Ever!!! I mean ever!!
It was so bad I ended up talkin her for her first walk. In my pjs

I gave her a small drink and put her back o bed.
She quietly whined for a second, her usual whine. And then
Went to sleep.

I crawled into bed and checked my phone.a small 3. Something earthquake had hit around
Same time as her frantic attack.


Apologizes in advance for any typos. I'm on my iPhone atm

28th December 2012, 12:40 PM
Maybe -- dogs and other animals are known to be sensitive to them sometimes. On the other hand -- dogs and especially puppies can behave unusually for a gazillion reasons. Not too unusual to get that sort of outburst unexpectedly, from puppies! So in short: no way to say yes or no. :)

FWIW I grew up within a mile of the San Andreas fault and we had earthquakes all the time -- never triggered anything in any of our cats or our dog. Maybe they were just bored by them after a while! :lol: