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9th January 2013, 04:26 AM
New to this forum - and to the "Cav World". Unfortunately it seems that we have put a deposit on a puppy from Ms {name removed }. I didn't find this forum...or find out about her until AFTER we put money down.

My question is: is there anything we can/should do now? Are we going to have issues with the puppy or is she just an outcast in the Cav World?

i haven't told my wife about what I've found yet and know that she will be devastated...we have been so excited and looking forward to getting our black & tan puppy.

9th January 2013, 09:38 PM
Hi: I've edited out the name of this person as for legal reasons, and your protection, I do not want to have a public discussion about her and some of those scumbag breeders -- the ones that, like her, are known to be little more than puppy farmers who exploit their dogs and the breed and have in many cases, faced legal charges -- do read this forum. :(

I am so so sorry to read this and sorry to say what I have to say.

If I were you i would ask for your deposit back, chalk it up to experience, cut your minimal losses at this stage, and look for a breeder who breeds properly, is not as cruel to animals as that woman, and who also cares about the breed -- she doesn't do a single proper health test and your risk of very costly, serious illness in this breed is high when you take a puppy bred with absolutely no regard for health. We have links on the main page of the forum to several guides to finding a cavalier puppy and what to look for in a breeder -- I can guarantee you she does nothing except breed massive numbers of poorly-bred puppies and crams dozens -- even over a hundred -- dogs in disgusting conditions in the houses she stores them in for breeding. Several people keep an eye on her and report in to me from time to time so we can follow her movements and many, many people in the animal welfare world hope to one day see her in prison and barred from ever going near a dog again.

What contract -- if any-- did she have you sign? Do you lose the deposit if you back out? I would still consider getting away from her to be worth every cent you'd lose.

You will get a no support from her whatsoever if you have any problems with your dog either.

10th January 2013, 02:48 AM
Karlin and the rest of the people in this forum have been so wonderful about sharing any and all cavalier information with me and anyone who asks so I have to trust their opinion on this one 1000000001%. DO NOT take a puppy from this person period!

If you choose to follow thur and get this puppy beyond ending up a sickly puppy (WHICH IS A BIG ISSUE IN ITSELF) but you are also help to fund a person to continue their operation which as noted above is NOT what is good or right for the dogs....bottom line if these jerk breeder do not make money they will not breed and so far its the ONLY way to stop them. The power of the purchasing public had a responsibility!!! Cut your losses and private message around and see if anyone here can help you find a breeder who is the opposite of this scumbag breeder. It is worth it in so many ways.

10th January 2013, 05:44 AM
Sorry to hear you got sucked in by a BYBer. It's very easy to do, so don't be hard on yourself. I can tell you I have spent thousands of dollars on vet bills for my poorly bred, but well-loved Internet puppy. I don't know who the breeder is that is being referenced, but it sounds as if you would be well advised to steer clear. I hope you stick around and let us know how and what you do.

10th January 2013, 12:04 PM
The breeder is one notorious not just in cavalier circles across two countries, but also in animal welfare circles. She has been successfully prosecuted in a national court for fraud. She breeds at a factory level. The fact that she isn't either in jail or barred for life from owning much less breeding dogs is an indictment of how little animal welfare matters to the powers that be, AND of breeders and clubs whose own misguided campaigning against any sort of oversight and regulation allows these people to proliferate and operate as they please.