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13th January 2013, 11:23 AM
Hello there, not sure if the title refers to me or Megan, my 8 year old Black and Tan, but I thought it covered us both well enough. I am lynne, and my baby is Megan. I'll add a picture to my profile as soon as I can. Megan was a four year old rescue dog when we got her. Very small and very overweight. In her first year, we reduced her barrell like frame into a lovely svelt shape, whilst she repaid us by having a luxating patella. Since that operation, together we have lived life to the full, and enjoyed so many holidays, and beaches in this country that we have forgotten what sitting on a cramped plane is like. We now just sit in a cramped car full of megans beds, toys, throws, food and anything else megan related.
Life has been wonderful up to the present moment, but we now have a problem which may or may not be catastrophic, and it is for this reason I am turning to Cavalier Talk, with the hope that someone somewhere may have come across this before, and can give us help and guidance regarding to diet and anything else to ensure that my little girl stays with me for as long as possible. I will be adding a new thread to the health chat this morning.
Thank you, and looking forward to speaking to anyone.

Sydneys Mom
14th January 2013, 12:38 AM
Welcome, would love to see some pictures of your little girl. I also saw your other post on the medical issues, so I hope you get some answers.