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Super Princess
13th January 2013, 08:54 PM
She has no interest in going for walks it seems.

i dont blame her..its not warm out..averages +6* to -4 lastnight (and no i didnt dare venture out with her..woulda been misrable for everone)

but even when its on the 'warmer' side..she got no interest.. Ive put her in a nice warm jacket.. that i spent more on then i have for myself in 5 years lol)
ive taken her on pavement..ive taken her on chipped wood paths down by the bog.. she LOVESSSSSS seeing other people. i swear shed go home with anyone of these strangers.

but she hates walking..she tries to climb my leg../get me to pick her up.
most of the time i refuse.. i make her walk and as soon as we turn around..she KNOWS..and will go racing ahead towards the car or the house.(on leash of course..and if people or cars come by i quickly shorten it)

anyways..how do i get her INTERESTED in walks. I try talking to her excited and get her going..most of hte time it just dosnt work.

13th January 2013, 10:55 PM
I am incredibly lazy, and I suggest just finding a neighbourhood friend or two to do the work for you.

Either, get out for walks with someone who has a friendly dog, or a a small child (they go strolling a lot); or turn walks into visits. Go drop off cookies, homemade bread, etc at your neighbours houses and bring her along for those trips- bring dog treats too so people can give them to her once you are there. Once she learns walks mean "fun socialising time" she'll be all about it. Bonus: your neighbours will like you too.

Hopefully you don't live in the country miles from your nearest neighbour.

14th January 2013, 02:27 PM
My dogs wouldn't walk when you put the leads on them. We got a small bone and they would run after it and then we'd give them it for a bit if they walked. Try giving her rewards for walking as I think that might work as an inscentive for her. Hope any of this helps :)

15th January 2013, 01:42 AM
I had this issue with Fletcher too. Well, training him to walk on a leash was HARD!!!!! He sometimes still does some pulling....I use an EZ walk harness and yes it fits correctly but he just HAS to pull towards any children playing or sounding like they are having fun without him. Take the good with the bad I guess. However, we just kept at it....still working on the "but Mommy those kids are having fun, I wanna join" thing but. Its kind of funny he pulls I stop and he just cannot understand why this harness becomes a little uncomfortable and why isn't Mommy walking, he sits immediately and waits like I tell him but 2 steps later its like he's giving me the "but why" look again. I also have been able to teach him this way....we can switch directions. I use a kiss kiss sound to call Fletcher, I think because the sound always comes with a cuddle/baby talk (sorry I just love my little pup so much--and it does not stunt his speech like baby talking to a human child would, so I can do it all I want:shifty:)

Either I could sent you Mr. Monster to walk ahead of her, he's a cavalier whisperer so I'm sure they would love either other quickly, OR you can just keep at it. Maggie will come around walking is good for her and you. If you can manage it try more shorter walks, instead of one longer one, practice makes perfect.

Super Princess
15th January 2013, 01:42 AM
I am incredibly lazy, and I suggest just finding a neighbourhood friend or two to do the work for you.

best idea ever!!!! ;) i am lazy too..i need to start getting back into walks and my wii fit..but finding motiviation to do that..its hard.
ill try the treat thing. it worked well with potty training..introduced blue berries as a treat..and suddnly shes waiting by the door when she has to go.

Super Princess
19th January 2013, 10:13 PM
Hahaha I dropped her off at my parents while I ran to the store (she was flipping out in her crate. And dad likes to see her)
He said he'd try taking her for a walk. I have been yellig them she doesn't like walks.
I also said if anyone asks she's 15 weeks (everyone asks!!)

So someone asked.

But finally someone other then me saw how damn stubborn she is. Dad said he got her a block. And it was painful.

She's such a little princess.

26th January 2013, 02:23 PM
Hi there
Megan hated any form of exercise, especially walking. The only time she enjoyed walking was when we were heading back to the house or the car because she knew she would get a treat. Infact sometimes we would resort to carrying her to a certain place, and then walking back, which atleast gave her some exercise. We did realise that she hated walking in her jacket, so we removed that. She was far happier just in her harness. And we also discovered the marvelous benefits of having a treat that smelled good, and one of us would walk slightly a head of the other, so she would follow the treat. Chicken was always her favourite, and oddly enough towards the end, she adored pasta with cottage cheese in the little shell bit too. Both worked just as good.

Super Princess
26th January 2013, 06:44 PM
we had a play date with her sister, carly yesterday... second one since they left their mama. and aparently carly is the same way. dosnt like walks..asks to be picked up..how funny.
i decided to take her for a quick walk during inermission(hockey!!) last night.. and of course.. she decided it would be great to go for a long walk (night i wanted to stay close to home hahaha) anyways..i let her go as far as she wanted. ended up beign a 2.2 k half hour walk. missed half the last period and one goal..but ya know what? totaly worth it. i gave her a blue berry when we got home. lots of praise