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14th January 2013, 04:02 PM

i hope you are all well.

I am due to pick up my baby girl Coco next week - she will be 8 weeks then. She is a ruby girl with white paws and is naturally absolutely adorable.

I have read books and bought everything (hopefully!) to be prepared for her arrival...

i have a question regarding crate/housetraining as I just read the Dog Star Daily book by Ian Dunbar - it says there to put your puppy in the crate with bed and chew toys and take her out every hour for a pee/poo and a short play/train session. Does that mean for example - I take her out at 1pm, take her for pee, play with her for 15-20 mins, put her back in the crate, take her out again at 2pm and repeat previous all day until its bed time?

Whats the best way to get her to her toilet spot? I've heard it's not good to pick them up to take them there so what's the best way to "guide" them?

Will it be ok to take her out carrying her for a little while before her full vaccinations? I've got her booked in for 8 weeks vaccinations on 23rd January - I have my birthday on the 30th so we were gonna go to a pub for a bite to eat to celebrate - will it be ok to take her with me in a dog carrier or is it a no no?

Lastly (I say lastly, I will probably be back with more questions very soon!) - what about meeting another dog before full vaccinations? By another dog I mean my friend's mini dachshund - mainly for socialising purposes as I don't know many people with dogs and I know it's dangerous to let strange dogs to be around her before she is fully vaccinated?

Many thanks for all your help in advance :)


14th January 2013, 09:00 PM
Here are my opinions... :)

I take her out at 1pm, take her for pee, play with her for 15-20 mins, put her back in the crate, take her out again at 2pm and repeat previous all day until its bed time?
I think this is what Dr. Dunbar means regarding the timing. You will be able to adjust it fairly quickly, once you've had your pup for a few days. And most puppies can sleep through the night at this point, but they're all different. Suggest taking up the water bowl about an hour before her last pee before bedtime.

I've always picked the puppy up and carried them to the potty spot for the first few days. Then I would leash them and quick march them through the house, so there was no time to stop for a mistake. I keep the leash on top of the crate so it's handy.

Good luck! and congratulations. And be sure to come back and post some pictures.

I would discuss the going out issue with your vet. But IMO, it's crucial to socialize the puppy well before all the shots are complete. If you know a dog and its owner, and know it's vaccinated, I would say go ahead and let them meet. But don't let the puppy walk around places where there are lots of dogs that you can't be sure of (like pet stores--keep pup in the cart and off the floor). Bringing her in a carrier to meet lots of humans sounds great to me.

Here in California, I was able to find "puppy socials"--at day care providers and our humane society. The puppy owners have to show proof that the shots have been started, and the pups are allowed to play with others their size. If you can find something like that, it's great. It really give the puppy a chance to learn to be friendly to other dogs.

14th January 2013, 09:43 PM
Thank you so much for your reply, so reassuring and helpful!

No doubt I will be posting pictures here next Tuesday afternoon! :)

That is how I understood it as well so I will give that a go! What is your recommendation for the first afternoon when I get her home? I will be home with her around 3-4pm? What should I do then? Let her sniff around, put her on potty tray? Start the crate schedule straight away? Sorry for so many questions, I've had an adult dog before but never a puppy! At night should I put him in the crate with bed and toy/kong/treat and put a blanket over it? Do you think I should get up at 3-4am or leave it?

That is what I thought as well about socialising, I read in so many places how its so important to do LOADS of socialising by 12 weeks but that's only when the vaccines are getting finished. I will discuss with my vet but I do think we will go on a little outing in a carrier for my birthday and get my friends little dog to come over for a little play - I know he has been through all vaccinations etc.

Sounds like a lovely idea about puppies being able to play before the full set, like you said they need to meet and greet loads from very early on :)

JEALOUS - I want to live in Cal!!!

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15th January 2013, 05:37 AM
When you get home, show her the potty place first and let her sniff around it. If she goes, make sure to reward and praise her. I'd play with her for a bit and cuddle her, then start with the crate. It seems harsh, but she will learn very quickly that way and will learn to like her little "den." With regard to getting up at night, it's really your call. I've always given them to chance to sleep all the way through--not gone and gotten them up, but many people do just that. In the morning though, you need to get her to her potty place quickly. She'll be ready! :)

If she cries in the crate right after you put her in at bedtime, you need to ignore her. It's hard. Remember that anything you say to her to comfort her, etc., is a reward for her crying and will cause her to keep it up. If you can put it in your bedroom and go to bed about the same time it's best. She has never been alone before, so hearing you breathing near her will be comforting. I always cover the crate with a blanket or sheet. If she wakes in the middle of the night, take her to potty and return her very quietly with no playing etc. Don't jump to get her out instantly--wait until she's quiet for a few seconds and then open the crate. It's a balancing act. She needs to know that her needs will be met in order to trust you, but you don't want her to think if she lets out a peep or whine that you'll come running. She will learn quickly that after lights out, there's no playing, and that its quiet time. Very similar to human babies! LOL

Good luck. You must be very excited!

15th January 2013, 08:07 AM
Thank you again! This is what I will do! At first when i start doing the "out of the crate every hour" should I leave the crate door open or put her in with treats/toys and shut the door?
I know my breeder has kept them in a crate in her kitchen since they were born so hopefully that will make things easier as well...
I don't have room for a crate in my bedroom so I will have to put it in the kitchen - I will need to make sure I can hear her in case she does wake up. And like you said ignore her should she cry right after I put her in there.

I have 2 human babies and I don't remember being so worried about everything lol. I am dead excited and nervous the same time - dont want to ruin anything - like Ian Dunbar says it only takes a few days to ruin things :(

With regards to socialisation, do you think I should invite people over the next day already?

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15th January 2013, 08:56 AM
I would give her a few days to adjust, and get to trust you and your family members. Then judge by her personality about when to introduce more people.

My first cavalier Guinness was very shy, for about the first 2 weeks when I would walk towards him he'd sort of freak out like "OMG, big thing approaching- it's gonna eat me!" But he got over that. We did a few introductions during that time, to my close friends who I see often. My second cavalier couldn't make new friends fast enough and never worried at all.

15th January 2013, 09:40 AM
Thank you :) So maybe I will wait until the weekend then, will give her a few days to adjust to the new environment!

I am so utterly pleased I found this forum :)

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15th January 2013, 11:15 AM
A few things I did when I was a fist time puppy owner (just last spring) I did the xpen/ crate area thing like Dunbar suggests however I also did cuddle time---I would let Fletcher out to sit and get love in the sofa with me as well.....basic rule if Fletcher was within arms reach he was allowed outta the crate area but other than that he was not. I used a small travel crate in my bedroom for a few nights too. And I did let him meet the family dogs, my parents have 4 dogs at their house since I know them and know they are completely vacinated it was fine.

15th January 2013, 11:49 AM
Thank you for your reply! I will probably do the "out of the crate, pee, play and cuddles for 20-30 mins and back to crate" thing , see how that works out!

When I first start, should I be leaving the crate door open or shut? Also, if I put her in my room, is it not gonna cause problems later to get her to sleep in the kitchen? Plus sometimes one of the toddlers comes to sleep with us, would that not disturb puppy's initial sleeping in the crate training?

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15th January 2013, 03:46 PM
If you check Ian Dunbar's set-up, the crate is inside the pen area with the door open. You do not want the door open to let her wander around unsupervised if you don't have a pen set-up. The door is shut when she is inside and crated.

Doesn't really matter where you have the crate now, and it is easy generally to try a new place but may take some adjustment days for the dog -- though dogs tend to be happier in a room with people than alone. A toddler isn't likely to disturb her as long as the toddler is not allowed (and shouldn't be) to bang on/interact with the crate, shout at the pup etc. :)

15th January 2013, 05:08 PM
Our will be without the pen play area so I shall make sure the door is shut.

The kids are very good with all dogs so I am not worried about them interacting or banging, just sometimes they wake up crying when they've had a bad dream, that's what I meant by disturbing :)

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