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27th January 2013, 11:00 PM
I enjoy grooming my dogs very routinely. They look forward to the nightly routine....that is until I try to brush their slippers. They both tend to not like to have their slippers groomed. I have used pin brushes and Mason brushes and it still is a " no go " for both of them. They prefer not to have their slippers brushed at all and will pull back their paws. Any helpful grooming tips ?

I just started positive rewards with treats but it still is an issue. Nail clipping for the younger dog is a challenge still and I do this slowly and with great care. Nail clipping with the older dog has always been uneventful. This also is not a preferred activity for him.

Kate H
28th January 2013, 09:24 AM
The groomer who gave a demo and talk at the Midlands Christmas party had a couple of useful tips. The first was to start with the feet - usually they're the last thing we do, but if you do them first, the dog is rewarded by the bit they enjoy more, having their body brushed. The second was to keep the feet trimmed - sensible in winter anyway; push the hair underneath up between the toes and trim it with scissors, then trim round the top. My Aled was the demo dog at the party and his feet look really tidy and neat and there's no long fur to battle with or get filthy in this weather!

Kate, Oliver and Aled