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28th January 2013, 01:36 AM
Oliver is one year old now. I am teetering on the fence of getting a second Cavalier or a Golden Retriever. Oliver and I have a very close relationship, one I never imagined possible. I absolutely don't want to ruin that by bringing in another member to our family. How do I know what is best for Oliver? He enjoys playing with my mother's toy-sized dogs, but recently doesn't play with the dogs at the dog park. He'll say hello and watches them play, but won't join in. I should note that he definitely has the extremely friendly-to-all attitude of Cavaliers, maybe more so.

Also, I work from home and he keeps an eye on me all day. When his dad stays home, Oliver wants his attention every second. Oliver also hates to be left behind and breaks my heart with those sad eyes. No typical separation anxiety symptoms, but I know he's unhappy. Anyone have experience with a second pup helping the first to be less lonely without changing the original relationship?


28th January 2013, 03:06 AM
I'm with you Fletcher will be a year old soon, and I think both he and my whole family would love another cavalier. I will never have any other breed of dog. I find myself looking at rescue web sites more and more. Fletcher has no problems with separation anxiety, but we have a schedule worked out where he's only crated and home alone for about 2 hours spread out thur the day. He's such a friendly loving dog, I'm sure if I found a rescue who would fit into my family I would take him or her in a heartbeat.

28th January 2013, 03:18 AM
Hello from another Georgian. I just got a Cavalier puppy and own a one year old Golden Retriever mix (mostly Golden) for the same reason you listed. A playmate and companion for the older one. I do not see a change in the original relationship except maybe Callie, the Golden, wants a little more attention from us when Remington, the Cavy, is sleeping. When they are both awake they want to be involved with each other unless treats are involved. I believe when they get more accustomed to each other this will change some.

I have to tell you at the moment it is a lot of work. Having one puppy is work, but having to referee play times and the two always vying for attention can get overwhelming. They do get along wonderfully and made quick pals but I still have to supervise because of the size difference and seeing that Callie is still somewhat of a puppy herself, playtime can escalate into too rough of play. It is getting easier, but plan on having a few months that will be very tiring. I know in a year from now it will all be worth it. I posted pictures of them together in the puppy pictures section.

I love the personality of Golden's, they are always up for anything. I have never owned a Cavalier but am loving his personality too. They are different but at the same time similar and very compatible. Good luck with your decision.

28th January 2013, 04:10 AM
We were strongly considering getting another Cav (grown, through rescue- visited with one, filled out the paperwork even) to keep Rose company now that we are gone more with school related activities- and yes, it was, as my husband put it, to "get the dog a dog", lol; and because I fell in love with Cavs and who wouldn't want two? But, my husband and my daughter were still missing having a boxer, so after visiting a small boxer girl in rescue and having her and Rose meet, we ended up with Emma. It hasn't changed any of our relationships with Rose since she is a dominant dog personality (and since she's almost 20 lbs smaller than Emma, we try to encourage it to stay that way ;) ), and Emma is a submissive personality (not typical for boxer females), it's going fine that Rose gets fed first, treated first, etc. and Emma follows her lead in pretty much everything (Do we bark? Do we hush? Do we sit? Do we chase the cat?- it's kinda funny :) ). And Rose has been a lot less of a "naughty" dog (aka, "bored and not tired dog") since we have brought Emma into the family (my husband agrees, so it's not just me :P ). The only "catch" with adding another dog you may find, and especially a larger dog, is finding babysitters. We have built in babysitters in our family (we all "dog swap" when we have to travel and can't take the dogs), and everyone is used to having a big dog in the house. Since Emma is a very good girl (unlike naughty Rose, haha), she isn't really much more work (other than potty training).

Another puppy might have set me back on my butt, however, but if you have one house trained dog in the house, it seems to help (my sister's goldendoodle stayed with us for 2 weeks and that really helped Rose start getting the hang of it better), so we went with a young adult dog. And Emma is a low energy boxer, and Rose is a high energy Cav, so they are a good match there, too.

All that to say, as long as you find the "right" new family member and are prepared and know what you can handle, it could probably work out well :) . We are tickled pink with how well it's going so far with Rose and Emma, and this is the first time since we've been married (20 years) that we have had 2 dogs at one time.

28th January 2013, 09:00 AM
I have three dogs right now and a couple years ago would never have thought that I would! We've had Tess, our CKCS, for almost 10 years, and got Tucker, a Golden, as a nine week puppy in August 2011. Tucker has been great for Tess but also overwhelming. Because he continued to want to play with her, and because he was restless and wanting attention a lot, when I heard about a young female Golden that needed a home, I took her. Bella and Tucker are great together, and she has taken a lot of pressure off of Tess, who just takes to high ground (or my lap) when the big dogs start playing.

I think two dogs that are compatible are excellent. Another dog won't replace the human companionship that a Cavalier wants and needs, but does provide a wonderful social layer that humans don't. If I were in your situation though, I'd go for another Cav or a different breed small dog, not a large dog. I spent a lot of time monitoring the playing and teaching Tucker that he couldn't do Golden style "bitey face" with Tess. The advantage of having two dogs of the same breed is that they are more likely to have the same play style and similar temperaments. good luck! Once you are set up for one dog, adding another isn't quite as much work as the first. Although adding a dog of a radically different size does change the logistical arrangements (gates, trash cans, etc.).

28th January 2013, 04:52 PM
I am thinking Callie is teaching Remy the Golden style "bitey face" play. They both lie down with their mouths open going back and forth "Stevie Wonder style" barely touching. They looks like two seals fighting. The hardest part to break is when Remy runs, Callie wants to chase and bowl him over. He is learning when he runs to get under some furniture and she is learning some restraint. It has only been a month so I know things will eventually settle.

28th January 2013, 05:21 PM
If you're getting a rescue the dogs will have to be introduced beforehand anyway - so you'll see how they interact and such. However, I have to say that the first couple weeks were very unstable/disheartening when I brought Gracie home. It took them a few weeks to learn each others feelings towards things, and Gracie had a bit of food aggression at first. So dont expect everything to be perfect right away. Now they get along GREAT, sometimes playtime can get a bit rough but I'm always there to referee. I keep them separate in the day when I work so that Gracie gets her alone time since Lady is quite rambunctious (and Lady has to be confined to the kitchen because she gets into everything!)

And I don't think it changes the relationship dynamic all that much. Lady seems to love having Gracie around, and now I maul her a bit less since I have Gracie too cl*p.

Personally, I don't think I will ever get another puppy! They are just SOOOO much work. Gracie is an absolute dream - she came to me fully trained and with the temperament of an angel :o. She did come from a breeder though so not the same as a rescue which may have some more issues to work through.

Good luck, another dog can only mean more love (and work too, but love first ;) lol!)

28th January 2013, 08:58 PM
I am thinking Callie is teaching Remy the Golden style "bitey face" play. They both lie down with their mouths open going back and forth "Stevie Wonder style" barely touching. They looks like two seals fighting. The hardest part to break is when Remy runs, Callie wants to chase and bowl him over. He is learning when he runs to get under some furniture and she is learning some restraint. It has only been a month so I know things will eventually settle.

Tucker has never learned that restraint, LOL! You're lucky. I was all for getting another Cav, but my daughter wanted a "big dog." so now we have two. :). And they do bring a lot of love, no matter what size.