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29th January 2013, 06:46 PM
I just found this picture in the historical archives at the University of Wisconsin: of my Great-uncle Rollie (brother of my grandmother on my mom's side) and his wartime-era band, Rollie Neilitz and the... yes... CAVALIERS. My laugh of the day. I had no idea! That's Uncle Rollie, with the clarinet, behind the main band-name podium.

This is what the information says:

This 5" x 3" card with angled corners features a photograph of "Rollie Neilitz and His Cavaliers" on the front side and an advertisement for the dance band on the reverse. The picture, showing the six band members posed with their instruments in front of a large United States flag, was cropped from a larger photograph that had been taken in the "Town Hall" studio of radio station WOMT in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Two music stands in front of the group identify the band by the initials "RN" and individual names "Smitty" and "Bob." A third stand bears the group’s full name, "Rollie Neilitz and His Cavaliers." As stated on the back, this dance band played popular and old time music at showers, weddings, and picnics throughout the Manitowoc area. During the 1940s, like many other bands, the group also contributed their time to perform at war bond rallies and other special events in support of the war effort.


29th January 2013, 10:07 PM
He must be the one with furry ears and the big grin on his face :)

30th January 2013, 01:02 PM

I might have to do some photoshopping on this picture to get the Cavaliers just right! I couldn't believe his band was called Rollie Neilitz and... the Cavaliers.