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31st January 2013, 02:22 AM
Will try to post without pic. I'll post pics seperate if I can. I'm using Flicker but so far I can't post.

I don't post often but enjoy reading all of the posts. To refresh everyone, I have posted previously with pictures of my three boys, Windsor (tri), Cambridge (blenheim) and Dickens (B&T). They remain healthy, happy boys that keep me busy daily.
Three weeks ago we recieved a call asking if we could consider fostering a 2 year old Ruby that had just been rescued from a puppy farm . I was a bit concerned about any contagious conditions, but after a trip to the vet and (the clincher) a pic, I was on my way to pick up this poor baby. He was quite a pi...tiful sight.
Severe malnutrition, several wounds probably from tussels with other dogs, and his feet were swolled due to standing on wire in the cage he seldom got out of. In spite of all of this, he was very loving and seemed only to want to please. It broke my heart to think he wa so mistreated for his entire life.
My three boys seemed to sense his need and were very gentle with him.
With proper food and care and a lot of love, Oliver is making an amazing recovery.
He has a way to go but is on the right track now. As for him being a "foster" ......Who was I trying to kid? Don't think this guy will be going any place soon.