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4th February 2013, 02:59 PM
So Teddy and I went to visit his Aunty Laura at the V.E T.'s for the first time today. All the partner vets called in to say hello once they knew we were there, as did all the nurses, and they were all thrilled to see him.
He has had a big thumbs up on all fronts, and an appointment for next Tuesday for his second injections, and also for his tagging (so Richard will take him to that - I don't want Teddy to associate me with that kind of pain lol).

However, Teddy appears to have a little man that hasn't dropped yet. He is a one ball little chap at the moment.
Evidently it may still drop over the next few months, but if it doesnt, they may have to do a little operation to bring it down - and then take it off with the other one.

Anyone know much about this kind of thing?

Have to say I am surprised, because judging by his 'prowess' with one of his stuffed toys already, I would have thought he had both barrells fully working lol.

Kate H
4th February 2013, 07:22 PM
It can take up to 18 months for both testicles to appear, so it may well appear before Teddy is neutered. Apart from needing to remove both to do the neuter properly, a retained testicle can cause health problems including cancer, that's why they would need to go looking for it:)

Kate, Oliver and Aled

4th February 2013, 08:00 PM
Usually they say if a testicle hasn't dropped by 6 months, it won't, but there's no harm in waiting a while to see if it will. But as Kate says, a retained testicle can be a significant health risk so therefore it does need to be removed sooner rather than later if it doesn't appear -- which makes for a more involved neuter depending on where it is located. One of my Irish Cavalier Rescue cavaliers had a retained testicle never removed and it had clearly given him pain for a couple of years (attributed to 'behaviour problems' :x) and when I had it removed and biopsied, it was also cancerous. :( But at least it was gone and the vet felt it likely the cancer had not spread; and he went on to his new home.

I'd follow your vet's advice on managing it.

Humping toys actually isn't a testosterone issue in small puppies (his testosterone will not start to appear til he's quite a few months older! And females can do this equally too) -- just an instinctive behaviour they try out from very early on. :)

5th February 2013, 03:53 PM
Blimy, I think I would rather it be looked for and whipped out and off at the same time as the other one, if it hasn't dropped by then - don't really want the little one having two ops instead of one, and absolutely - I didn't realise about the cancer link, so the sooner it is out the better for me.
I didn't realise they had that sort of instinct so early - I know Megan used to regularly put on a show for anyone who would watch, and everyone was in hysterics, because she was a little girl, but I realised there was a dominance thing going on there with her larger toys (again that raised a bit of a titter in conversation). Teddy just seems to jump anything in his path :D

5th February 2013, 05:15 PM
Lucky got neutered at 13 months and neither of his had dropped. The surgery was more complicated - more like a spay but with several cuts since I guess they had to "find" them, but he did just fine.

Hopefully you'll get lucky and Teddy's will drop & make it easier.

5th February 2013, 07:23 PM
hi lani, how long was his recovery after that, and was he quite sore