View Full Version : Finnish KC stud dog MRI list.

Margaret C
7th February 2013, 09:26 PM
A Swedish cavalier owner on the Conformational Indicators Study Group posted this link to the Finnish KC stud dog MRI list.


You can get a google translation but most of it can be guessed at ..........

For the CM column kylla is yes & lieva is mild.

Aivokammion laajentuma is brain chamber enlargement......... ei is no

Erittävä keskikorva is secretory middle ear

Kuulotestin tulos is hearing test results

7th February 2013, 11:21 PM
Wow -- so much testing detail, and openly available. So different from the UK CKCS Club list which only says that a dog was scanned -- no detail on results. What is the point in just having a list with no result details -- makes it so easy for anyone to get on it and make it look like they have a commitment to MRIing. Then again, the US clubs don't even have a list of secret-result scanned dogs. :(

I bet a lot of the breeders outside Finland who oppose revealing any of their own results publicly, use this kind of public list to get detail on scan results of dogs of UK background, owned by these Finnish breeders... :lol:

9th February 2013, 03:50 PM
Yes, this list is in my "favourite bookmarks" because so many of Norwegian cavaliers (and several others) have same ancestors as their. I hope more countries will do this soon, so we can have more to look at when finding partners.

Margaret C
9th February 2013, 05:07 PM
I am sure there will be more of these lists being produced and cavalier breeders will get information on popular stud dogs even if it is 'by the back door'

What some people do not seem to realise is that in the UK you can get more than just one individual cavalier's results when you type a name into the KC Health Test Result Finder. You can get information about the parents, the siblings and the progeny of the named dog.

So, even in this first year of the BVA/KC Scheme you may get a few results if you type in the names of some of the well used dogs in the last few years and then click on the progeny tab. You sometimes need to scroll down pass the list of progeny that have been eye tested. You cannot easily identify the progeny but you can get an idea of what results are showing up.

Most of the results that I have viewed appear to be for cavaliers under three years old ( c ) and there are a disappointing number of SM1c ( Central Canal Dilation ) and SM2c ( Syringomyelia ) at that age. All seem to have CM2, the most severe grade for Chiari Malformation.

Cavalier breeders expressed a desire that their older scans should be taken into account, so arrangements were made so that could be done. It appears that none of the owners of well used stud dogs, reputed to have 'good' scans, have taken advantage of this.