View Full Version : Teddy and soft collar/harness training . . when to start?

8th February 2013, 08:53 AM
Teddys second injections and chipping are next Tuesday. We dont think we will start lead walking outside for a fortnight after, but we want him to get used to his various bits and bobs in the house first, so the transition wont be too much. how soon should we start him getting used to his puppy soft collar and harness?

We have tried them both, and obviously he doesnt like them, but in particular his collar because he scratches at it/his neck most of the time whilst it is on. (although as i am writing this he is on my knee asleep with it on).

He is 9 1/2 weeks old - am i trying this out too soon, or is this normal and should i stick with it for a few hours each day, and build up.


Kate H
8th February 2013, 12:36 PM
A harness is often more comfortable for them. Whether with collar or harness, try putting it on at a time when Teddy's doing something else - cuddling on your lap. eating, playing with you - when his mind isn't on That Thing round his neck/shoulders. When he's used to that, add a short, light lead and let him drag it around the house - it will catch on the furniture, he'll tread on it, you'll tread on it, all of which gets him used to little tugs and gentle pressure on his harness. I expect Karlin has already mentioned Ian Dunbar's excellent book on bringing up your puppy, which you can download for free - I can't remember the link, but I think you can find it at the top of this part of the forum.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

8th February 2013, 04:48 PM
Hi Kate, Yes, Ive been reading Ian Dunbars books - oddly enough I didn't see the bit about collar or harness training, so I'll have a read through again tonight. We intend to walk him on a harness (we always did this with Megan as very early on it was clear she found it uncomfortable to be walked on a collar), but we want him to get used to wearing a collar too. I'll definately do the 'mind on other things' way, and let him drag the leash around too when we get to that point We have a lovely light puppy collar and lead set that we bought (Black with gold stars, because it matched his golden fur lol) that I can't wait to see him wearing.

Our only problem with the harness is that it is one of those soft puppy ones that slip over the head (rather than attach around the neck) and he hates putting his head into it, and hates it even more when you have to pull it off. Im thinking of going all Blue Peter this weekend and trying to adapt it a bit. If i end up ruining it, (which is more than likely) then I'll have to get another anyway, whatever I do.

22nd February 2013, 05:30 PM
I'm pretty sure I just got Luke from the breeder and just put his collar right on him. He uses a collar for walking, and he just has specific harnesses for his sports.