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14th February 2013, 08:53 PM
Been getting some great feedback on doggy strollers - wanting to get one for Toby so we can get him out of the house during recovery, but also to use on longer walks etc as he does not go as far as Brooky.

Thoughts on them? Anyone use them?

Kate H
14th February 2013, 10:14 PM
I used one with Oliver a few years ago when he had to start gentle walks after 4 weeks of crate rest, and it was great. Not having a car, it meant that he could still go out and about with me and Aled, to obedience shows and visiting friends etc., on and off trains and buses (though we did get some odd looks!). And when he could walk further, I still took it along so that if he got tired he could pop back into it for a bit. He seemed to enjoy sitting and watching the world go by. I think I'm going to have to start using it again soon, as he's getting very wobbly on his back legs and it means I can take him to the park and then let him use his energy trotting around off-lead, and he won't miss out on any outings.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

15th February 2013, 08:37 AM
I have a stroller which I use for Holly Poppet and Little Joe.

Holly has Curly Coat/Dry Eye Syndrome, which has led to a couple of her claws being removed and of course her skin has a tendency to crack and get infected if she walks on hard ground, so her outings are, like Oliver's, on public transport to the places where she can walk and run on soft ground. She really enjoys her outings.

Little Joe has stress related epilepsy and ever since he first saw the buggy and jumped into it, it has been his 'safe place' and passport to an active and happy social life that he otherwise would never have had. Without the stroller the world outside our home is a threatening place for Joe. The rattling of lorries, fast cars going by, people he hasn't met before and meeting other dogs are so challenging that before the stroller brought on fits. Joe cries to go out if I have been too busy to take him on an outing. If I open the front door, like most dogs, he will run outside, but only go as far as the garage door, waiting there for it to be opened so that he can get into the stroller. It's good for busy events too; this young dog about town has been shown at the busy and noisy N.E.C., then gone round to have a look at all the trade stands, revelling in all the fuss he gets from the stallholders.

I can thoroughly recommend a stroller for any dog who needs one, but if you travel by car it's best to purchase one which folds down; mine does not.

Kate: I get strange looks from other travellers too. Once in Sutton Park outdoor cafe a man came up to us from behind and shouted in my ear that 'dogs should walk on leads dear'. The one that really gets to me though is the elderly woman living in a first floor flat around the corner, within view of my house, who waits for me to take Holly out. Then she is there waiting for me to tell me what a cruel woman I am 'carting that sick little freak around'. Once she followed me onto the bus, shouting at us at the top of her voice. I had to get off at the next stop to escape.

Kate H
15th February 2013, 11:53 AM
My stroller folds up very neatly, like a child's buggy, and is quite easy to carry. Thankfully I've never had such nasty comments as Flo's had - most people are tickled to see a dog in a buggy and we start chatting and Oliver gets lots of fuss. Someone I know with a toy poodle uses hers when she's taking the dog into crowded places - I met her at the local agricultural show - to avoid a small dog amongst lots of feet.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

15th February 2013, 02:21 PM
We have a couple from an elderly dog we had that had cancer.

We have a 3 wheel ATV one and then also a smaller one that has 4 wheels. The 4 wheeler is a lot more compact, but the three wheeler is better for uneven ground.

We don't use either much at the moment,. but in a few years as my dogs age, I could see using them more. We also use them sometimes when we take the dog to large events with lots of other dogs.

16th February 2013, 08:09 AM
We bought a stroller last year for our poorly cocker Saffy (now sadly at rainbow bridge). It meant that she could come on walks with us and get included in events that she wouldn't otherwise have been able to do. Saffy was 13 yrs old but even though she was blind and suffering from Cushings and advance kidney disease, she did seem to enjoy the trundling.......we got a few quizical looks, but no nasty comments. The stroller itself is great, just like a childs buggy and very easy to operate and stow away when not in use. It's also my insurance policy if, for any reason I cannot get transport to and from the vets.

17th February 2013, 11:11 PM
Great info guys, thank you! I have just ordered my first doggy stroller :) should be here on Wednesday!

I have to admit, the thing I am worries about most is what people will say or getting bad looks (not to mention my neighbours will think I am nuts!) - but this way Toby can get out and see the world, get fresh air and be with us so much more. I think he will really benefit from it during his recovery, but also at times when he can't go as far as Brooky as well as the fact that the outside would scares him too if it's too busy or lots of dogs about - this way he will always have a safe place if he chooses :)

Even funnier though because my husband and I get questioned daily "when are you going to have kids?!" And here I will be showing up with a dog in a stroller. Ha! That will probably shut them up for a bit ;)