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15th March 2013, 08:31 PM
Hi all! My name is Renee and I am the proud new puppy-mum to Bella, a 1 yr old Blenheim Cavalier.
Our family is new to the Cavalier breed, but loving Bella already. We previously had a female Springer Spaniel and are finding the Cavaliers to be much like a young Springer puppy. Absolute lover dogs, smart, funny and a bit quirky. And I have to say that Bella has been the easiest dog to train. She does have a few bad habits, but I sense that they were things her previous owner thought were funny. For example- chasing lights. I wouldn't have a problem wig it but she digs at the carpet trying to catch the reflection off of her collar.
Anyway, I am here looking for advice on pet insurance. I know the risks for this breed, but no idea if the insurance is worth the money. At $35 to $60 a month plus a $200 deductible and.a 20% copayment are we really saving any money? Especially if she doesn't show symptoms for 5+ years.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

16th March 2013, 12:15 AM
Hi and welcome to the board :).

The light chasing could be a result of a previous owner having the dog chase those laser light toys. They are frowned on by a lot of vets as they can cause obsessive compulsive behaviour like this where a dog will go after any kind of reflection. Maybe try to distract her to a favourite toy instead?

On insurance: most of us feel it is worth it unless you could easily cover a costly condition or emergency or accident. With this breed, for a single dog, I'd recommend it. Have a search for previous threads on insurance -- there are lots. keep in mind that half the breed has heart disease by age 5-6 and there are also risks of the neurological condition syringomyelia which can be expensive to diagnose and treat. Once a dog shows anything in its records that might be taken for a previous symptom, the condition won't be covered so if you have a clean bill of health with her now, I'd recommend insurance. :)

I'm sure many others will offer their opinions too!