View Full Version : Got to go to a local cavalier dog show today!!!!!!!!!!!!

18th March 2013, 12:49 AM
I thought I wasn't going to go this year because with husband being hospitalized after surgery yesterday morning but when Mr. Monster got up this morning the first thing he said to me was "Mommy are we going to go see the cavalier doggie show TODAY?" So I called my husband who is feeling better and told him I was going to skip the hospital today and take Mr. Monster to the dog show. I felt bad about not visiting my husband today but............he was alright with it. Typical my husband, he always puts me and the kids before himself (I have a true keeper:o)

Mr. Monster was so so so well behaved, I'm so proud of him. We went last year and I was amazed how nice and welcoming people were about letting us met their dogs. When we got there they were taking a break then starting with puppy groups. Many people had their pups wondering around because they had been created for awhile. My wonderful Mr. Monster grabbed my hand and led me over to see them....they had asked me if he could ask the ladies to met their puppies. I told him yes but use your manners. He marched his little self up to 2 ladies and said " Excuse me, can I please met your dogs?" They were very happy to allow him and I sat on the floor making sure Mr. Monster was going to use his "puppy training" when petting the dogs. The two puppies were 7 months old sisters, super cute and all over Mr. Monster who was very much enjoying the puppy kisses. In all we met a bunch of dogs and with every one Mr. Monster was excellent!!!!

Again, people were so nice. Chatted with me happily about their dogs and complimented my "doggie mannered" little boy. It was defiantly the highlight of my week. I needed a good time so glad we fit it in:)

18th March 2013, 10:04 AM
i wish i could have gone to the dog show but i live just a bit to far away aahhhhhhh
good boy mr monster