View Full Version : Moulting

19th March 2013, 06:28 AM
One of my cavaliers Lucy is beginning to moult. I have just been brushing her everyday but that doesn't seem to collect much of the hair. Are their any suggestions on dealing with a moulting cavalier?


19th March 2013, 10:07 AM
Excuse me for misunderstanding but does moulting mean she is shedding a lot??? I'm sorry but I can't remember how old Lady is. Fletcher is 13 months old not and his "grown up" hair is growing very quickly suddenly I have more longer hair the deal with. I'm if Lady is just "blowing her puppy coat"? The fact is cavaliers shed to best control for that is a good vacuum and daily brushing. What kind of brush are you using? I use a pin brush and just a comb works well for me. I avoid anything designed to remove a lot of hair they just seem painful and many of them have blades:sl*p: scary. I know the rubber mitt brushes seem to be popular in the store as well but I stick to a nice natural conditioning spray and just my pin brush and comb.