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Super Princess
23rd March 2013, 09:47 PM
Im sure ill find a few topics if i search, but i'll just start my own topic ...if thats alright with everyone. :)

Back in the day.. whenever i was home alone id let oliver sleep in my bed. i always slept longer then everyone else..so it only happened when i was home alone.
same with the cats. at one point i had meeko one one side of my body..max on the other and oliver on the other. My heart achs even as typing this..for those days.

these days..i have 2 cats and a dog. I keep my door closed the cats.

Meeko.. is nearly 17..and has no inention on ever sleeping in my bed..even when i let him. even when i bring him in there..he wants nothign to do with it.
Simba...my 3 year old cat..would give anything to sleep in my bed..he waits outside my door..sometimes cries... but hes annoying.has a cold wet nose he rubs all over me..all the time...kneeds my body with his claws. hes got now social bed skills ;) one time if orgot to click the door shut during a potty trip.. woke up to cold wet nose in my face. it was horrible..and i was terrofied (haha i didnt know what was going on)

maggie..sleeps in a crate in my room. shes been doing really good at going through the night without pottying...and if she has to go..asks (this is a huge step) as pottying has been ...delayd for us (compared to her sisters) mostly i belive due to using potty pads hwen we first brought her home.
anyhoo..the last week she regessed for 3 days .. (ASKED which is awsome..instead of just going in her bed..which was a concern for a while) but was asking once -2 times a night for 4 days.

anyhoo. I was wondering..what age did you start letting your dog sleep in your bed (if you did that is) I think shes got a bit to go..shes 6 months on the 6th.
but she lovesss snuggles in the bed. and i hope its soon :)

23rd March 2013, 10:04 PM
We have been back and forth with Fletcher sleeping in our bed. He was very reliable with potty training skills and we let him on our bed at about 5 months. Then he started night wondering about the house....I didn't like the idea of him finding something to get into while we were sleeping. So back to the crate he went. Recently when my husband was hospitalized for the first time, I don't want to sleep alone so I let him in. That was something like 5 weeks ago since then he has been wonderful. No night wondering, no potty issues (I would know I have hardwood floors-I do have to pick up the throw rugs tho). I have always wanted Fletcher in out bed with us.

24th March 2013, 01:49 AM
Bentley has slept in the bed from the time we brought him home at 12 weeks. I just couldn't let him cry in his crate at night...he is almost 3 and shares the bed with hubby and me. My other dogs find other beds to share in the house. :D

24th March 2013, 07:19 AM
Kokoda slept in my bed the day we brought him home, (spoilt i know!) he was BRILLIANT for toilet training.
I think a total of three times he went inside. He nailed it so quickly. We did watch him like a hawk for the pre-potty behaviour, and just ran him outside, and took him out very regularly, We never used the puppy pads, and i think that helped.

But he never needed to go in the middle of the night. He is two now and occasionally wont go when i take him out in the evening, we have never had a problem, so i don't push it, and just let him out in the morning.

I love having him on the bed, especially in winter!

24th March 2013, 08:05 AM
Since the very first Cavalir puppy I have kept a small pack of the (mostly) darling little creatures, always waiting until they had had a few weeks to settle in and stay dry during the night before letting them into the big bed with me. However, when puppy Rebel arrived he would have none of this, subjecting me to the most awful night of howling and barking from the crate next to the bed until I gave way and let him in. From that very first night he was clean and dry, never putting a paw out of place for several years.

However, once his SM symptoms worsened he could not settle in one place for more than a few minutes and took to marking the bedroom furniture and then wandering around the house and jumping on and off the bed very frequently, so for the sake of my sanity he had to sleep in the big crate downstairs with Little Joe every night. Sad for me, but he didn't seem to mind.

Super Princess
24th March 2013, 06:29 PM
Hmmm maybe we'll try next weekend then! it's a long weekend, so lots of time for practice.
most of your pups seem a lot younger then her!
Maggie went almost 12 hours lastnight without asking to go out. (if im sleeping in ill uusually let her out sometime early in the am and then we'll go back to bed..today she didnt ask and i was sleepy) even then she didnt go running for the door. although i took her out right away.
she loves snuggles in the bed.

25th March 2013, 02:55 AM
I think Luke has been in my bed since he was 6 months old or so, possibly earlier. Once he could make it through the night, I let him in. I always sleep with my door closed, as I learned once in a presentation from the fire department while I was student teaching, that you should do this. If there is fire outside your room, this buys you a bit of time. Anyway, I sleep with the door closed, unless I am so tired I forget to close it when my mom sends the other dog down. She comes to bed after Luke and I. Sometimes they sleep on the bed with me, and sometimes on the floor. Usually the other one goes out earlier in the morning, and then Luke eats. Once she leaves, she goes up to her crate. Then Luke eats, I go back to bed if I am not working, and he gets his food. He eats out in the other part of the basement with one of his food toys, and then the door is open, but he is gated down here in the basement.

25th March 2013, 07:19 PM
Teddy who is 4 months old, accidently on purpose overstayed his pre bedtime snugs last week, and since then his bedroom crate has had a vacant sign on it , and he has claimed his spot on the big bed lol. He is fast asleep before we even get the light off, and his snoring is oddly soothing and helps me relax. As his toilet training went so well, we just make sure he has his evening ablutions about 10.30pm, and he is fine for the night until he wakes us up like clockwork so far at 7pm.

25th March 2013, 07:53 PM
Lady has been sleeping with me since the first day I brought her home when she was 8 weeks old. I'm a light sleeper though and would take her out in the middle of the night for the first few months. She has this habit now though of sleeping on the pillow on top of my head, or under the blankets spooned up against me. My parents babysat them when I went away for a week and let them sleep in their bed, my mom never had a dog in the house growing up let alone one sleeping on her head!!cl*p Gracie just sleeps along the side of me or at the foot of the bed, she snores though :rolleyes:. Some people wouldn't be able to share the bed because it would ruin their sleep but I don't mind!

If she's sleeping through the night now I say go for it!

karen baker
25th March 2013, 08:22 PM
What are we like us lot!!!! Its just like the right thing to do, i can,t say why we do it, but having them in bed is just a great feeling, Sadie, thinks i should be awake all night petting her, then eventually settles, Ruby is ok for a little while, but gets too hot, and finds a cooler place to sleep, but sleep all night, til about 7-8 am, but Ruby does tend to wander about the house now and then. They both snore a lot, but i,am used to it, does,nt keep me awake. Karen,Ruby and Sadie xxx

25th March 2013, 08:29 PM
Jazz was promoted to our bed from about 5 months - she'd been able to go through the night from a fairly early stage (@ 10weeks) so we could have let her on earlier. I put the soft puppy bed from her crate at the end of the bed and that's her place to sleep -I'm not sure if it helps with the connection of not peeing in her own bed or not but it gives us a bit more space!! She's also very good at waking us when she's been unwell and needed to go out at night.

If my in-laws are dog sitting we let them sleep in our bed (which is a super king size) so they can also have her on the bed-she's thoroughly spoilt!!:lol:

Love my Cavaliers
25th March 2013, 09:14 PM
Wow, you guys are nice to your dogs!!! None of ours ever came close to even sleeping in our room until they were well over two years old. Even now, Oz and Maddie sleep in the laundry room (it's huge!!!) because they move around too much and then I can't sleep. Oliver sleeps in our room, but in his own bed on the floor because he wanders and my husband couldn't stand to have him jumping up and down from the bed. So he learned just to stay in his bed. Riley sleeps at the foot of the bed and does not move all night long, but she didn't start doing that until after her SM surgery 4 years ago. Before that, she was in the laundry room with Maddie and Oz. They love it in there though. We all have snuggles on my bed for awhile and then Oz and Maddie just leave and put themselves to bed in the laundry room after about 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I have to tell them it's time to go to bed, but they never resist. They have a huge crate big enough for all four of them in there that I've covered with a blanket and I leave the door open, plus two plush dog beds. But without fail, they both come out of the crate in the morning. It's like their own den in there.

Super Princess
29th March 2013, 04:29 PM
Well lastnight I decided to give it a try.
I moved her dog bed to the corner of my bed between the headboard and wall.
Took her up for our evening snuggles and never took her to her cage

I am sure she was wondering wth? Your turning the light out helllloo I'm still here.
But she did really good. Even when I went for my potty breaks ;)

Went whole night. And a sleep in without having to go out (we still havnt. I asked her if she wanted o go pee. Her response was to get up from next to me and flop herself into her bed )
Once she was up and pawing me around 1 am, I said Maggie bed time. And she did the same thing. Went right to her bed and asleep.

So it went well. Hopefully it keeps going good. :)

2nd April 2013, 04:54 PM
Paddy slept in bed with us from being about 6 months old (although I think my husband would've had in with us from day one but that might've got a bit messy...) He stayed in bed with us til he was about 18 months old, that's when we got our other dog Maddie, firstly I ike my space in bed and Paddy had always lay with my husband and mostly let me be but Maddie liked to lie near me and it got a bit too snug. I did put up with this, then Paddy started peeing in the house again, I think it might've been like a territorial thing because Maddie had moved in but one morning he peed on ME in bed and that was it, he's never been allowed to sleep in bed again! Luckily Paddy's stopped peeing in the house since we had him done.

I should add that before Paddy slept in our bed, he slept in a crate in our room, so he was used to being with us at night.

2nd April 2013, 09:01 PM
We sleep with five, it gets pretty busy during the night with one thing and another. :p

Super Princess
4th April 2013, 01:17 AM
i have a crystal candy jar next to my bed..that i dont put candy in.. i acutally have started putting my ear plugs in it (Since she ate one..find the jar is a safe place)
ive had to start putting my eye glasses in there now..as twice ive gotten up to use the human potty...and found my glasses laying in th spot i was.
so now everythign loose goes into that jar.
she has been getting up and sitting in my spot everytime i go (usually 2 times anight)
funny girl.

Super Princess
4th April 2013, 09:38 PM
So proud of her.
She had to pee at 4am, and she got down off the bed. Went to the bedroom door and scratched.
She's such a big girl now.
She dose this when we are in the living room. Has for months. But
Wasn't sure what would happen if she was in my bed.

8th April 2013, 07:50 PM
My first Cavalier Ciara always slept downstairs in her basket, it was what she liked to do as she had the run of the house. My second Cav Tobydug always slept on my bed.
I got my present Cavalier Ben four years ago from his previous owners who had to give him up for health reasons, when I asked where he slept they said on his fleece and NEVER on the bed, so first night I put his fleece on the floor and even though it was his first night with me he settled on it. Lights out and he imediately jumped up on the bed, I guess he sensed I was a soft mark. He was right, he would wait to I was asleep and manage to jump up under the duvet and I would wake up to find him at my feet or pressed hard against me.
He is now 11, quite short legged and cannot jump up on his own, also I recently moved house and because of him I have not yet put the bed up, I have just put the mattress on the floor so he can get in (and out safely) I will have to build him a ramp or get a low bed frame. My other half Sandra knows who comes first!

10th April 2013, 05:59 AM
Rose sleeps with us, has since she was about 4 months old...


10th April 2013, 07:45 PM
My little pack has always slept with me from the moment they joined my family except in the summer when a couple prefer the cooler floor. I don't think I could sleep without those little guys surrounding me.

11th April 2013, 03:00 PM
He is now 11, quite short legged and cannot jump up on his own, also I recently moved house and because of him I have not yet put the bed up, I have just put the mattress on the floor so he can get in (and out safely) I will have to build him a ramp or get a low bed frame. My other half Sandra knows who comes first!

I have a high bed frame and the girls can't easily jump up and down so I bought a little wooden step stool from Ikea - now they can get up and down no problem :D.